How Has It Been Going for Albanian MMA Fighter Turned Professional Boxer

 A popular Albanian sensation and former MMA fighter Florian Marku, had it going all well in MMA but decided to bring a turn to things. Marku decided to leave MMA to become a professional boxer. The boxing career is not going bad either. In fact, he has already been featured on “Ultimate Boxxer Undercard”. His fights and contest are crowded with fans. He sure has the talent and attitude to dream
and achieves big.

Who Is He?

This 26-year-old welterweight fought in a sold-out York Hall, London’s iconic 1200-seater. Luring 800 fans single-handedly who is this person. To the UK fans and boxing enthusiasts, he is new. But he is a big sensation all over Europe and there is a reason behind it. With over 100 fights in his MMA gloves and shorts, three world titles, and 10 years without losing how could he not be.

How Has It Been Going for Albanian MMA Fighter Turned Professional Boxer

Decorated former kickboxing and MMA fighter is Albania born. Marku aged four, moved to Greece with his family when the Albanian government collapsed. The career that started in Greece and gained
popularity all around Europe had turned into boxing in 2018. His fans are not at all disheartened, in fact, they are all out for the support. Sold out halls and thousands of fans are the proof of it.

Prior Professional Record

Florian had a wonderful career in kickboxing with 102 wins and just 4 losses. While in MMA he has a record of 4-0 having one TKO against Davor Matic. And point wins against Stefan Suskavcevic and
Stamatis Bitakos.

Why the Change Though?

Well if he was enjoying carrying his titles winning matches and MMA gear bag to training to be better, what changed? Well according to one of his videos, he has always liked being a fighter. Training and
getting better is his passion. But he has always been a stand-up and striking fighter. Even in MMA, he had to work a lot on his sweeps and ground fighting techniques. He just sees it better in boxing. We wish
him the best of luck. But since this change, how has it been for him in the boxing world? Has anything changed, is he still undefeated? Or is he planning on coming back to MMA anytime soon?

Professional Boxing Record

After the debut in boxing against the welterweight division on 2018-12-01, Marku fought 6 fights. The first two fights against Nikola Janicievic and Ivan Godor in December 2018 and March 2019 respectively were TKO, with Marku wining. The next two fights against Jan Marsalek and Tommy Broadbent were also a knockout. And with the most recent wins against Miroslav Serban and Nathan Bendon on points, Florian Marku is still an undefeated boxer.

This Albanian born London-based fighter updated his career with a record of 4 knockouts and 6 wins and 0 defeats. Currently, he is signed with S-Jam Boxing as his new handler. S-Jam Boxing plans to take him to new heights as they saw potential in him. A huge fan following at an early career level and good skills sure will take him places.

How Has It Been Going for Albanian MMA Fighter Turned Professional Boxer

In an interview Sam Jones of S-Jam stated, Florian, is a big star with an enormous fanbase. He also added, “He’s going to win world titles. I can assure everyone of that. He’s exciting and carries that
natural destructive power to be a real crowd-pleaser.”

He is a born fighter with a great mindset and relaxed nature. Soon he’ll be mixing up with top fighters. But right now, he needs a little more experience under his belt added, Sam Jones. He is given the title of
“Albanian King” at S-Jam and now we all know him by that. Let’s see what the future holds.
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