Albanian soprano Inva Mula confesses her quarantine time in Tirana

Inva Mula with her daughter and husband
 The world-renowned Albanian soprano Inva Mula has confessed today in an interview to News24 relating to her quarantine time in Tirana the same as all Albanians are doing as part of measures to stop the spread of coronavirus.

“We're all fine and I hope the whole family social circle is good. We are in an isolated Tirana like everyone else. We strive to be positive in mind and to do our duty as good citizens. This is the contribution we can make. Isolate and not become an obstacle but follow the rules.

How is your day in these hard times?

The daily life has changed. I think the main obligation is to take care of my girl. We are committed to dedicating lessons from school. It's not easy. Our job is to give children a positive feeling, to pass it on as a game. Give the child some relief from this condition. The rest of the lessons should not be confused as it is not easy for the children to stay home all day, amidst the tensions as we are not at ease, we are advanced. Let's go as easily as possible. My daily life is the instrument, the piano, to work for all the concerts and contracts. All the concerts and trips dropped. I cannot pursue it as it is with my studies.

We have taken action. We made a gap with food. I wish we could not only dedicate ourselves to food but more than that.

This process is very difficult. The school has its own program. My daughter's school is in English. It's not the same thing we do with our methods. We're doing school right now, to fit the program. We need to turn our attention to the conditions that have been created, what lessons are being taught in school, how today's child is developing, and to use this time to bring out the best. Time is what we create on our own and created by our circumstances. It is very easy to teach, but first and foremost are the lessons I am giving myself.

I also had two concerts in May, one in Paris and one in London, both of which have been canceled. On June 6 and June 8 in Italy, and a tour of Australia now in April. I speak globally, many priorities have come up and I don't have to think about my contracts. I work a little now. I devote most of my time to the girl. But she's happy to say we've never spent 24 hours together. But it's beautiful, we don't always have the luxury to spend so much time together," Inva Mula said.

Her daughter, too, has been content to spend time together as a family while confessing she misses school.

"We go to the terrace and we get sunlight, it's very fun. School is harder at home than at school. I wanted to stay with Mom and Dad. But I also want to go to school a bit because I miss my friends and lessons. Even when you stay at home all day you have nothing to do. When you go to school you have what to do. I communicate with my friends several times, not often,” said Inva Mula's daughter.

Family is the most precious thing that inspires us in life. Be strong and positive, good citizens who will apply the rules to move us forward and be less affected by the disease. I wish to everyone to not get ill and more energy to resume life not where we left off, but beyond. I hope we are all well, together. But let's not stay a long time with each other anymore.” added Inva Mula.

There was also a message from the soprano's husband, the businessman Hetem Ramadani.

"What Inva told her did not repeat. The rules we need to stay home. But let's try to fast and meditate. We have been doing this for years. But we had to start it because the negative effects would be less if we were subject to these. All that is happening is a decrease in immunity. We have mechanisms to be protected against this virus,” said Hetem Ramadani.
Albanian soprano Inva Mula confesses her quarantine time in Tirana Albanian soprano Inva Mula confesses her quarantine time in Tirana Sunday, March 22, 2020 Rating: 5
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