Albanian Council of Ambassadors writes to President Trump about Kosovo

Besnik Mustafaj in an interview to VOA
 The Council of Albanian Ambassadors wrote a letter late last week to US President Donald Trump, stressing the importance of US support for the Kosovo-Serbia negotiation process.

Albanian diplomats, members of this Council, emphasized that in these discussions they should adhere to the principles of the Ahtisaari Plan on the status of Kosovo.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors addressed a public letter this weekend to US President Donald Trump, praising the US administration's commitment to advancing the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia on normalizing relations between the two states.

"In the letter to President Trump, we dwell on what we fear can happen and what we see as an escalating evil, and which is touching on Kosovo's current borders, internationally recognized borders, and what is often referred to as exchange of territories. This would be an award not only for Kosovo but for the whole region as well," said Besnik Mustafaj, President of the Council of Albanian Ambassadors, in an interview with Voice of America.

The Council of Ambassadors, an organization formed two years ago by former foreign ministers and former high-level Albanian diplomats, expressed the belief that this dialogue offers an opportunity. Therefore, the Council supports this process, hoping that it will end with the mutual diplomatic recognition of two neighboring states as independent and sovereign.

“The conflict between Kosovo and Serbia is a still unresolved conflict. And the US as an extraordinary and first-rate contributor to world peace and stability aims to solve this problem. Without a final solution that would lead to mutual recognition between the two countries and the normalization of relations between them, there is no expectation of a secure peace between Serbia and Kosovo and the entire region," said Mustafaj.

He singled out letters to US President Trump that some promising results have already been achieved with air and rail agreements, thanks to the mediation of Special Envoy, Ambassador Richard Grenell, and now Kosovo has a new VV - LDK government.

According to Mr. Mustafaj, the Council of Albanian Ambassadors strongly believes that the outcome of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue will be in line with the principles adopted for resolving Kosovo's final status embodied in the Ahtisaari Plan. He adds that the arrival in Kosovo of the Vetevendosje Movement has increased international attention.

"I cannot say that it has accelerated developments, but it has increased the attention of internationals, both the EU and the US, and especially the US is confident that things will move slowly but in the right direction in these negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia. Now more attention is needed. It is good luck for Kosovo that the attention comes especially from the US, because for the sake of truth, the US is a greater guarantee than the results of this agreement and its implementation.” said Mr. Mustafaj.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors stresses that the guiding principles of the Ahtisaari plan ensure the territorial integrity of the Republic of Kosovo, within its internationally recognized borders and the protection of its multi-ethnic character, the letter to President Trump by the Council of Albanian Ambassadors states.

Alternative approaches based on the notion of redefining or changing ethnic boundaries may undermine the stability of Kosovo and other multi-ethnic countries in Southeast Europe.
Albanian Council of Ambassadors writes to President Trump about Kosovo Albanian Council of  Ambassadors writes to President Trump about Kosovo Saturday, March 07, 2020 Rating: 5
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