Two Albanians arrested in Romania for cannabis trafficking, one of them a lawyer

Two Albanians arrested in Romania for cannabis trafficking, one of them a lawyer
 Two Albanians have been handcuffed following a Romanian Prosecutor's Office narcotics trafficking operation. It is reported that one of the detainees has a lawyer's license. Romania's prosecution has asked that Albanian provide information on Flordi Aliaj and the other citizens, Hiqmet Hoxha, who is under investigation for trafficking 60kg of cannabis, which according to investigations had been bought in Spain for sale on the local market in Romania.

Aliaj, based on the letter of intent, has also been granted a lawyer's license issued by the National Chamber of Advocacy in Albania and the Romanian authorities are seeking to know if he is a real Albanian lawyer. From the data obtained in the Albanian National Business Center, the citizen Flordi Aliaj has been registered as a lawyer since 2007 and temporarily suspended it in 2012. The Romanian prosecution has filed "national and international traffic" charges against Flordi Aliaj, Hiqmet Hoxha, and also two other citizens - one Greek national and a Romanian.

They were arrested in flagrance while trafficking narcotics. “The data show that, within the criminal case for the investigation of the criminal offense of 'National and International Traffic of High and Dangerous Drugs', on 11.11.2019 the Prosecutor's Office has launched the prosecution of four people after the capture of about 60kg of cannabis. Among these persons, two of them are Albanian nationals, namely: Flordi Aliaj and Hiqmet Hoxha.


The Tirana Prosecutor's Office is currently verifying the data required by the Romanian justice authorities regarding these two citizens. Specifically, information is required “if the defendants are being investigated, if so, is required to send copies of criminal records; Copies of criminal evidence of the defendants Hiqmet Hoxha and Flordi Aliaj; What they do, their assets and the incomes of defendants; If Flordi Aliaj is a real lawyer (he was found with a license issued in his name, which reads THE LAWYER'S CHAMBER OF LAW 2019 Lic: 2695 E).
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