About 900 doctors left Albania? They cite main reasons

 Invited by the journalist Ilva Tare at Euronews Albania, Dr. Aurora Meta, vice president of the Federation of Albanian Doctors in Europe, said that "the federation was established in 2019 but has a 13-year history."

Meanwhile, in a direct connection spoke also Dr. Kristo Pope, Doctor of Science in London. Confessing the reasons that led him to leave Albania, he said "because I was not given the opportunity to find a place of specialization".

Leaving Albania to Greece at the age of 6, then he completed his studies in Italy where he specialized in cardiac surgery.

About 900 doctors left Albania; they cite the main reasons

He says it was not easy to be accepted as a foreign doctor in England.

"There was resistance from patients because they called me a poor-quality physician and from colleagues who did not agree to specialize in someone whom they initially did not want to admit." Aurora Meta said.

In terms of average wages, she indicates that a doctor's assistant in Germany is paid at around "4500-5000 euros", while a specialist doctor is paid at around 6000 euros.

 While Kristo said that England is among the best places to work as a surgeon.

During the interview, Mr. Papa said he maintains ties with his Albanian colleagues, who unfortunately constantly seek some kind of mediation to find work in foreign hospitals.

Among other things, Ms. Ilva Tare asked doctors what are the main reasons for their colleagues to leave Albania.

Dr. Meta claimed that the main reason is the economy but also job security.

Dr. Kristo Papa said have established an Albanian-British Physicians' Association comprising of about 40 Albanian doctors in the UK.

He also spoke about the Diaspora Summit, which he was not able to attend, but said he would have proposed that "diaspora specialists, together with foreign professionals, come to impart their expertise, to form the new generation and this will be an opportunity to stop this hemorrhage..."

According to him, there are about 800 to 900 doctors that have left Albania.

He stated that he thought of returning to Albania but that "conditions must be created" for this, citing the hygienic conditions and technologies needed to perform his profession.

While Mrs. Meta said he would not return to Albania after stabilizing her professional life in Germany. She points out that she belongs to the first generation of doctors who have left Albania and that she has already managed to open two clinics in Germany and that she has "invested a lot in leaving again".
About 900 doctors left Albania? They cite main reasons About 900 doctors left Albania? They cite main reasons Monday, February 24, 2020 Rating: 5
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