A Guardia Di Finanza general in the history of drug trafficking in Albania

 The Italian television RAI 3 continues to publish chronicles that talk about drug trafficking in Albania. Recently has published another chronicle about an Italian general of Guardia Di Finanza and leader of INTERPOL, who after retirement, is head of an Italian cultural association operating in Albania.

The resulting letters to the association founded by two Italians of Albanian nationality have been donated thousands of square meters of land on the Vlora coast. According to RAI 3 journalist Valerio Cataldi, the Vlora property was donated to the association by Artur Shehu, an Albanian citizen currently living in the US and investigated in Italy for links with Sacra Corona Unita (Italian mafia) and its investments in Albania".

Asked by the RAI3 Italian journalist over the phone, the now-retired general, identified by the name "Lisi", said that at the time he was donated the property, he was unaware of the legal problems the donor might have had.

On the other hand, Dritan Zagani, a former police officer who is in political asylum in Switzerland, also reacted to these facts published by the Italian media. Zagani says in a Facebook post that the general has strong ties to narcotics traffickers and said he had a pivotal role in many developments in Albania.

The game started ...!

Who is this "drug gang lover" General, what duty did he have in 2014 when I was arrested, what links has this with the bad dids of Anna Poggi on my case, who was the big boss and you brought there after Poggi left, yes why did he leave before taking office etc., question that still has not a public response to my truth even wider but finally starting to make sense with so little TG3 tv program.

But above all a question that needs to be answered quickly with proven documents, who is the bridging bridge between narcotics traffickers and General Lisi, who is this man who, with his dark shades of power, has a key role to play in all connections of the mafia with the Socialist Party (Rilindja) politics and the drug leader ..!

And to think that I and my cause was "nothing" for these almighty collar mobsters ...!
A Guardia Di Finanza general in the history of drug trafficking in Albania A Guardia Di Finanza general in the history of drug trafficking in Albania Sunday, February 02, 2020 Rating: 5
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