Kastriot Reçi, owner of Media Plus killed in Mirdita

Kastriot Reçi, owner of Media Plus killed in Mirdita
 Kastriot Reçi and the scene of the murder in the center of Rreshen
 The businessman and owner of a local media in North Albania, the 47-year-old Kastriot Reçi is been killed. The murder happened on Tuesday morning, near the town center of Rreshen, as the victim was leaving a bar owned by him.

According to a preliminary police report, the incident happened at 11:05 am, in still unclear circumstances, near a shop in Rrëshen, Mirdita. Kastiot Reçi was the owner of the local Media Plus TV based in the city of Lezha.

Media Plus television covers the Lezha Region with signal and programming, which also includes Mirdita.

In April 2017 his 43-year-old brother Gasper Reçi has been killed in Rome, Italy. Investigations carried out by Italian police failed to identify the perpetrators.

Kastriot Reçi, owner of Media Plus killed in Mirdita

Some media point that Kastriot Reci was shot from the roof of a palace about 150 meters from where the 47-year-old was located at the moment of the murder.

The killer then left the sniper on the first floor of the palace and left. It is suspected that along with him there were also potential collaborators. The author fled on foot and was masked. It is learned that he was caught by a security camera that was seized by police but his identification is difficult because he is wearing a mask on his head.

Meanwhile, the victim's wife has denied Reçi's potential conflicts with other persons.

It is also learned that police have questioned several persons, mostly family members of victims allegedly killed on behalf of the Reçi brothers, but so far no trace of the author has been found.

From preliminary investigations, there is no indication as to whether the murders of the two brothers were related.

The killing of businessman and owner of the local Media Plus television is the second in 48 hours. The day before was killed in Tropoja the 47-year-old businessman Guxim Gjyriqi, owner of a gas station and a restaurant in the town of Bajram Curri. He was shot dead by a car, which was found burnt about 60 kilometers from the scene, in the village of Golaj in Has. So far, even for this murder, there are no suspected or detained individuals.
Kastriot Reçi, owner of Media Plus killed in Mirdita Kastriot Reçi, owner of Media Plus killed in Mirdita Tuesday, January 07, 2020 Rating: 5
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