Here's of how much Albanians spend on health

Here's of how much Albanians spend on health
 When it comes to health and spending, we talk about the well-being of the organism and good health. In our country, especially in recent years, there seems to be increased attention in this regard. A concern that affects most of the population. This happens for many reasons due to the increased care for the organism, but also due to the emergence of diseases that endanger the lives of Albanians.

In 2015, according to the WHO, 30 percent of the globe's population was obese and overweight. Meanwhile, the medical examinations of 122,000 people conducted during January-March 2019 in Albania showed that 33% of them were obese and 42% overweight. These and other factors affect not only the quality of daily life but also the costs associated with health.

How much do Albanians spend

As mentioned above, institutions show increasing numbers in terms of spending on health care. According to the latest Albanian Institute of Statistics (AIS) data for 2018, Albanian household spending increased throughout the country. In just a few years according to the AIS Household Budget Survey, health spending increased from 3.9% to 4.2% of total spending. This growth is widespread in almost all regions of the country, and most notably in smaller cities.

Most affected cities

According to AIS, the city of Fier is the one with the highest increase in health expenditures by 6% of revenues. During the year, this figure continues to grow by 0.9%. Next are Kukes and Shkodra with 5.2% and 4.9% of total budget expenditures. Just in Kukes, these expenditures have more than doubled several years ago, marking the largest increase for 2018.

Other cities where growth was above average are Tirana and Berat with about 4% growth each. Meanwhile, the city with the lowest growth is Elbasan with 3.1% of total annual revenues. This also includes Durres with Gjirokastra which record-low costs, albeit with an aging population.

Why so much spending?

Referring again to the AIS reports, in recent years Albania has become a hotbed of disease at a young age. This is mainly due to bad lifestyle and malnutrition. Four of the most common diseases of recent years are those of heart, diabetes, tumors or bone diseases. In 2017, 11,926 people died due to heart disease, a 2.5% increase from the previous year.

According to age group data, the most affected age group with heart disease, with 84.8% is between 50-80 years old. People aged 40-49 are the most at risk, with 38.6% of deaths. In 2017, the highest number of deaths from heart disease was recorded in Berat and Kukes, with over 60%. According to doctors, these diseases are nourished by improper lifestyle or taking unnecessary medications that affect negatively the body.
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