Law on 'Whistleblowers' in Albania, just 5 cases of denunciations

 In 2016 has been adopted the law On whistleblowers​​ in Albania. According to this law, for each public authority that has more than 80 employees and a private entity that has more than 100 employees must have a unit responsible for signaling.

The institution responsible for the implementation of this law is the High Inspectorate of Declaration and Audit of Assets (HIDAA).

In total, 166 responsible public sector and 446 private sector signaling units have been established and operate in our country.

According to the HIDAA report for 2018, this institution has received and administered 157 reports from whistleblowers to public institutions and their analysis shows that only 3 responsible units have signaled in the sense of the implementation of the law.

Three cases related to abuse of power by inspectors were registered at the National Food Authority and 1 case was registered at the Social Insurance Institute.

Abuse of duty also resulted in the Port Authority of Durres.

The responsible units of the private sector HIDAA have received and managed 247 reports. From their analysis, it is concluded that no signaling cases were reported to these units in accordance with the provisions of the law.

For this reason, the members of the Law Commission have demanded the revision and amendment of this law in order to implement it more effectively.
Law on 'Whistleblowers' in Albania, just 5 cases of denunciations Law on 'Whistleblowers' in Albania, just 5 cases of denunciations Friday, December 20, 2019 Rating: 5
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