'Pelasgians, the living divine people' - Albanians

An Italian documentary has revealed some interesting facts on the Albanian origin.

In fact, this video has been viral throughout Facebook recently but we don't know who really the author is as has not been mentioned.

The Italian documentary titled "Pelasgians, the Divine Living People" begins with a little explanation of the name, starting with Illyria, as it was called in antiquity, with "Illo" meaning "star". It was then named after two Albanian tribes, "Arberia" and "Albania", but always the population of this area has called each other Albanian, meaning "sons of eagles".

This Italian-language documentary cites sources from important authors of various eras including, Prof. Colin Renfrew, Henry Noel Brailsford, Edvin Jacques, Lord Byron, Maurico Druon, Alfredo Trombetti, Elia Lattes, Francesco Ribrezzo, George Fred Williams, etc.

The documentary also refers to various television sources such as the Luce Institute of Italian Fascist era and many Albanian and Greece documentaries.

'Pelasgians, the living divine people' - Albanians

The Italian documentary explains various periods of Albanian history in this short video throughout 8 minutes, with a narrative voice and illustrative figure.

While is worth mentioning here that in the 4:26 minute of the above video, the Proof. of Classics, Greek and Latin at Wayne State University, Kenneth Walters states that: Great Alexander was Macedonian and also of Illyrian descent.

In the minute: 3:58 is written:

"Saving Rome and Europe, lands are granted to the Albanians in Italy by Ferdinand I, son of Alfonso II Magnio for whom Skanderbeg had fought. The major ones are San Marzano (Puglia) and Piazza degli Albanesi (Sicily)."

"Greece did not existed, so to console themselves, what did they do? Pericles! 8000 houses in Athens in 1831, half of them without a roof. And most of them belonged to Albanians. The first Albanian - Greek dictionary was created by Botsaris (General and hero of the Greek War of Independence). Botsaris created the first Albanian - Greek dictionary because all of his soldiers were Albanians."
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