Katsifas parents a letter to Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis: Constantine's sacrifice must be recognized, the case must be revealed

 Konstantinos Katsifas's parents have sent a request to Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to exert diplomatic pressure on the Albanian side to reveal the truth of their son's murder by the Albanian police.

In a letter sent to Thesprotia lawmaker of New Democracy Vassilis Yogiakas, who attended Bularat at the 1-year anniversary of Constantine Katsifas' memorial, his parents ask Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis to put pressure on the event that led to the killing of their son a year ago.

Jani and Vasilia Katsifas point out that their son was not an "extremist", as Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama introduced him at first moment, justifying his execution by the Albanian police and that his reaction was the result of indignation at the oppression practiced in Vorio Epirus.

At the same time, they ask themselves a series of questions related to the events that took place on 28.10.2018 in Boulevard that led to the death of their child and what followed tragically in the following days, highlighting the climate of terrorism that is still being experienced by Albanian authorities.

The letter concludes with a call to the Greek Prime Minister to turn his attention to their country "before it is too late", as they say.

It is not the first time that Kosntandino Katsifas' parents have addressed the head of the Greek government. Last December, in a letter of pride and dignity, they called on then Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to intervene "both to clarify the murder of their son and to stop the tyranny of ethnic Albanians against Greek ethnicity" as they stated. The former prime minister of Greece did not responded to their letter.


Mr. Prime Minister,

A year ago our son Konstantinos Katsifas made sure our village was dressed in blue and white to honor the memory of the fall of 1940.
Today, a year after, our Konstantinos is no longer here, as you know has been executed by the Albanian special forces in our village of Bularat, on October 28, 2018.

But here is his soul seeking justification with "why?"

Why was he executed surrounded on the mountain by hundreds of Albanian Policemen while he might have been arrested?

Why were we tortured for ten days and withdrew our boy's corpse without letting us see?

Why did they change everything by interfering with our son's body and preventing us as parents from doing our expertise?

Why they don't respect our religious rights and stop working on our child's memorial?

Why the members of the Greek National Minority who are supporting us in our pain are being terrorized since a year? They are interrogated, terrorized and declared unwanted.

For a year now the Albanian authorities have not released a report on the circumstances of the murder of our son.

Mr. Prime Minister,
We understand the burden of responsibility you have, but we hope and ask you to influence the immediate release of our son's murder report so that we as parents can take the steps needed to keep the memory alive his.

He was not the bad kid that the Albanian authorities wanted to promote. Konstantinos was a good-hearted and kind-hearted man who loved Greece very much. His hand was not armed to take lives, he could not, as his deep faith in God and Christian values ​​did not allow him. His reaction was the result of indignation at all he was experiencing. Discontent over what has been and continues to be passed on by the people of North Epirus who dare not react because fear overwhelmed him. Our son dared and we are proud of him.
With the cold-blooded murder of Konstantine, Albania has once again shown that does not respect the Greek National Minority and their rights.

Mr. Prime Minister,
We ask you to turn your eyes in our country before it's too late. With respect Jani and Vasilia Katsifa ”
Katsifas parents a letter to Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis: Constantine's sacrifice must be recognized, the case must be revealed Katsifas parents a letter to Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis: Constantine's sacrifice must be recognized, the case must be revealed Friday, November 08, 2019 Rating: 5
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