Giovanni Falcone's last will for the Albanian Mafia: Not to be excluded in any case ...

Giovani Falcone (left) and Paolo Borsellino 
Cocaine from Colombia and Ecuador, in many cases even from Brazil, has been a topic first discussed by Italian mafia groups and later by the Albanian ones. In the late 1980s, Italian criminal groups had their own traffic lines in Colombia and Ecuador.

In addition, the investigations against them were spread in several Italian cities and in order to make it possible to find evidence and prove against them were the prosecutors Giovani Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, both executed in 1992, the first on May 23 and the other in July 19th.

But a new prosecutor at the time was also part of the investigation. Alberto Marittati, besides the way he worked at the Antimafia Department in Italy, he received advice from professors on how to trace the mafia, especially in countries bordering the Italians.

In other words, to Maritatti was given a "message" that the anti-mafia investigations would in no way exclude Albania and Albanian criminal groups, which at that time had begun moving to Italy.

Following the consolidation of Albanian criminal groups, Alberto Marittati began acting on the orders of "Antimafia" investigation professors. He established his first contacts with Albania, already in the capacity of Chief of the Italian Antimafia Prosecutor's Office. In the 2000s he traveled to our country several times to bring numerous evidence and to bring concrete charges against Albanians who brought cocaine from Ecuador and Colombia in collaboration with Italian mobsters.

The "Camorra" and "Di Lauro", the two Italian mafia organizations are known for their "hospitality" towards Albanians, were the subject of the Italian-Albanian investigations and operations of those years, with Italy undoubtedly playing a crucial role because of its capacity in finance and devices it possessed.

At the time and at the disposal of Alberto Marittati were 50 Albanians whose names were mentioned in all possible cases in the Albanian and Italian media. Many of them have already been executed, but the "mercenaries" continued their trafficking. And it is precisely those who already drive the distant cocaine lines from Ecuador and Colombia that have the status of "Capo".

But of course the implications map is no longer solely with Albanians and Italians. Greeks have also entered the game and in many cases senior officials.

But Alberto Maritati 'gave up'. He abandoned Justice and decided to pursue politics as a senator in Italy. In his capacity as a senator, in 2018 Alberto Maritati in his report sent to the highest level of Justice in Italy, Albania, and to the American DEA says that "Albanian organized crime has been significantly strengthened"

He even made a comparison that seems out of the ordinary. He stated with great responsibility that the Albanian mafia resembles the Italian Ndrangheta. Even this old mafia structure of Southern Italy is organized into closely related tribes and families and have been able to make good use of different social situations to make money. This, according to the senator, is also a characteristic of the Albanian mafia clans.

"The Albanian mafia has learned lessons from the Italian and other mafias, so in a short time it has become very empowered and is likely to earn thousands of dollars," the Italian senator Maritati continued. According to him, the mafia is what puts an honest business at risk, which sees that you can make a lot of money and quickly by illegal means.

It seems that the predictions of Falcone, Borselinos and later Alberto Marittati have proved accurate. Because large quantities of cocaine coming to Albania from Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil are not just "coincidences", but points clearly to consolidated criminal groups with economic power and a network distributed in Elbasan, Tirana, Durres, and Vlora.
Giovanni Falcone's last will for the Albanian Mafia: Not to be excluded in any case ... Giovanni Falcone's last will for the Albanian Mafia: Not to be excluded in any case ... Sunday, November 03, 2019 Rating: 5
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