Redjan Rraja arrested for alleged assassination attempt of Durres prosecutor Arjan Ndoja

Arjan Ndoja
 Albanian police announced the arrest of the 34-year-old man from Nikla of Fushe - Kruja, Redjan Rraja, suspected of being the perpetrator of the assassination attempt on Friday against Durres prosecutor Arjan Ndoja, his driver Andi Maloku and their fellow passenger Pellumb Muharremi, known for his criminal records, despite his frequent identity changes.

Traces of Rraja and other persons were found in an abandoned vehicle in a village of Durres, which was suspected to have been used by the perpetrators during the attack.

Redjan Rraja allegedly, in co-operation with other persons attacked Friday afternoon with a Kalashnikov automatic weapons from a vehicle traveling along the Durres-Tirana highway the 42-year-old prosecutor Arjan Ndoja, who was traveling with his driver And Maloku and the 46- year old Pëllumb Muharremi, with the new name Aleksandër Laho.

Ndoja was injured but is out of life danger, Laho also. The driver Andi Maloku is in critical condition as the bullets pierced critical parts of his body.

The Serious Crimes Prosecutor's Office launched a broad investigation.

In the abandoned vehicle were found automatic weapons, two masks, a fuel bottle and other perpetrators' belongings. The prosecution raided the apartments of 15 people in Tirana, Kruja and Lushnje, where material evidence was again found on possible perpetrators.

The politicians also took a different stance this time. Opposition leader Lulzim Basha said the event is an example of "a fight between the ruling gangs, which once again stains the Socialist Party".

While Prime Minister Edi Rama hailed the police "for whitewashing the criminal event".

He posted on social media that a special law will be drafted this month against convicted, charged or investigated inside / outside the country for organized crime or serious crimes.

Prosecutor Ndoja's name drew public attention a few weeks ago following his arrest warrant for the Durres Mortgage Director Liridon Pula.

The act prompted an unusual reaction from Prime Minister Edi Rama and Deputy Prime Minister Erion Brace, who accused him of being a character linked to the underworld, acting on behalf of Durres gangs.

Prosecutor Ndoja has previously worked as a lawyer, defending some prominent names of the underworld.

The person traveling with him in the car, Aleksandër Laho, has changed his identity several times; he is more commonly known as Pëllumb Muharremi, and nicknamed "Rrumi".

He is suspected of involvement in criminal activities, including violence against a Lebanese businessman who was about to invest in the construction of a tourist complex in the Gulf of Lalz.

Police are looking for the other perpetrators on the country's main highway with a series of additional measures.
Redjan Rraja arrested for alleged assassination attempt of Durres prosecutor Arjan Ndoja Redjan Rraja arrested for alleged assassination attempt of Durres prosecutor Arjan Ndoja Tuesday, November 05, 2019 Rating: 5
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