Albanian seafood now in the Japanese market

 Albanian seafood is already geared towards the Japanese market, which will increase production volume by certainly increasing the number of employees in Albanian factories.

The news was announced today by the chairman of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party, Taulant Balla, who spoke about the established cooperation between the two big companies, the Japanese corporation "Kiyomura" and the Albanian company "Rozafa".

From the left: Taulant Balla, Kiyoshi Kimura, and Gjergj Luca
“Diplomacy as a whole, but also the parliamentary one, should have the primary objective of attracting foreign investment and increasing exports of Made in Albania products. Every contact and every visit should aim to increase and diversify the economic cooperation. With the support of colleague Minoru Kiuchi in the Japanese Parliament, Minister of State at the same time, and thanks to the commitment of the Japanese Foreign Ministry, we managed to bring the two big companies together,” Balla said.

The presidents of the two companies, Kiyoshi Kimura and Gjergj Luca, agreed to start co-operation aimed at exporting Rozafa's Albanian products to the Japanese market.

Balla expressed the conviction that the "economic cooperation with Japan, in view of increasing the volume of trade exchanges between the two countries, will increase the portfolio of Albanian seafood towards Japan".

According to Balla, the "Albanian seafood exports reached a record of 91.6 million euros or 3 times more in 2018 than in 2013".

While the expectation for 2019, according to him, "is to go beyond 100 million euros". "The Rama government has strongly supported this sector through mitigation policies: excise duty-free for the fishing sector and the removal of VAT on nets, boats, electronic equipment, refrigerators, boat engines, aboard fishing vessels, treated as board supplies," Balla said.

He added that "there are 27 customs items whose VAT is 0 for fishing". "Thanks to cooperation with the European Union, the EU IPA project is officially launched in February 2019, which will provide up to 50% support for investments in fishing vessels aboard engines, the purchase of electronic equipment and construction of refrigerators. The value of this support is 1.4m euros, which by financing 50% of the investment brings the investment in the fishing boat board to 2.8m euros,” Balla said.

Kiyoshi Kimura is known in Japan as the "King of Tuna Fish", which is also listed in the Guinness Book of Records for the most expensive purchase at a Tuna Auction in Japan. He is also the owner of Japan's most famous restaurant chain Sushizanmai.

The introduction of Albanian products into this network will truly be a success story.
Albanian seafood now in the Japanese market Albanian seafood now in the Japanese market Friday, November 01, 2019 Rating: 5
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