Tirana: US policy in the Western Balkans at an international meeting

Tirana: US policy in the Western Balkans at an international meeting
 An international conference on US policy in the Western Balkans was held in Tirana today. Well-known diplomats, government officials, and analysts discussed developments in Albania and Kosovo and the impact of the US and EU on the region.

US diplomats in Tirana confirmed today that Albania is working hard on justice reform, and the electoral reform has become a national project being pursued by the government, parliamentary opposition and opposition parties outside it.

In charge of the US embassy in Albania, Leyla Moses-Ones said Albania's leaders have chosen to compromise for the sake of the common good.

She made these comments at the conference "US Politics in the Western Balkans", organized by the Mediterranean University in Tirana.

“Albania is already an EU candidate country - that has not changed. The work that is already going on and what remains to be done has not changed. Albania will gain its place among EU member states by redoubling efforts to implement justice reforms, including corruption and victory over the plague of organized crime. This is about values; this is about the rule of law; it has to do with prosperity and opportunity for Albanian citizens," said Mrs. Moses-Ones.

Prime Minister Edi Rama said Albania and the US have a special relationship, and that Washington has been supporting Albanians for nearly a century since the beginnings of the Albanian state. Albania's reforms, he said, are not for the US and EU, but for the Albanian people.

"We are not making reforms for either the United States of America or the European Union. We do not ask ourselves for all these necessary changes and are not engaged with our allies in these complicated processes, because we are required of them, but because our historical destination requires, that is to create an Albanian space and in this case of Albania, of a modern European state with all democratic standards and with all functional institutions.”- he said.

Speakers highlighted how Albania is expected to take over the rotating OSCE chairmanship next year and how, with US and European support, will engage in addressing thorny issues and crises, such as the fight against terrorism and violent extremism, support and the role of women in conflict resolution, youth and gun control.

Speakers praised Albania's stance on developments in the region and beyond, serving as a factor of peace and stability.

The conference "US Politics in the Western Balkans" brought together many scholars and prominent figures in politics and diplomacy.
Tirana: US policy in the Western Balkans at an international meeting Tirana: US policy in the Western Balkans at an international meeting Monday, October 28, 2019 Rating: 5
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