German ambassador to Tirana: starting from 2020, will be easier to work in Germany

 Peter Zingraf
 In a long interview for the Albanian business magazine Monitor, the German ambassador to Tirana - Peter Zingraf - addressed various issues concerning Albania and Germany: from German investments in the Land of Eagles to the new law that beginning from 2020 will facilitate migration into Germany of non-EU citizens.

Working in Germany
The new law on labor migration has been approved and will enter into force on March 1, 2020, acting against the lack of labor in Germany.

"This law primarily concerns citizens of non-EU countries who have a professional qualification or a degree, acquired in Germany or abroad. In the case of a foreign degree or qualification, it must be recognized in Germany or be the equivalent of the German fee.

An important prerequisite for benefiting from the new law is to present the certificate of one's professional qualification. In the meantime, we are committed through our extensive development cooperation projects to improve living conditions in Albania and the prospects for the future, especially for young people. "- says Zingraf for Monitor.

In recent years the number of work-visas in Germany by Albanian citizens has increased, as confirmed by the German ambassador himself:

"It is true, in recent years we have observed a remarkable growth in the interest of Albanian citizens in moving to Germany for work reasons.

In 2017 we approved 3500 visas, while in 2018 about 5000. Personally, I would like this emigration was not unidirectional and that the Albanians in Germany would gather valuable experiences to bring back home.

For those who are rejected, however, the German government and embassy have undertaken some programs for their economic and social reintegration in Albania.

As the social project called "Hope for the future" in Scutari, where it is possible to attend cooking or craft courses, as well as language courses or preparatory training for a job application." - adds the ambassador.

German investments in Albania

For many years now, Germany has been involved in some investments in Albania. For example, in the drinking water and water channeling sector, with the projects of Lezhe and Shiroka, and other projects will follow in different sectors in the near future.

Furthermore, Germany has allocated 23.9 million euros for "Sustainable economic and regional development, promotion of work, education and vocational training". This project aims to improve the youth work situation in Albania and the social participation of marginalized groups, including four main components: social inclusion, vocational education and training, innovation and the political framework.
German ambassador to Tirana: starting from 2020, will be easier to work in Germany German ambassador to Tirana: starting from 2020, will be easier to work in Germany Sunday, October 20, 2019 Rating: 5
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