Two Muslim Albanians restored for free a ruined Church in Italy

 Luan Hallulli and Albert Muça inside the San Rocco Church
 They are not Christians but when they saw the church of San Rocco, in Popoli, reduced in those conditions, they were not able to pretend that nothing has happened. 

"We'll take care of it. The Lord is one and he will be happy to see his welcoming home more beautiful”.

A great gesture of brotherhood and solidarity that put in place by two masons from Albania but who live in Pratola Peligna, Italy, for many years. From Friday morning Luan Hallulli and Albert Muça set to work for the renovation for free the interior of the Church of San Rocco. The beautiful story of solidarity and closeness to the nation that welcomed them is reported today by ReteAbruzzo, in an article signed by Claudio Lattanzio.

For some time the walls of the sacred place have been attacked by neglect and humidity: plasters that continuously fall on the floor with the faithful forced to pray between dust and rubble. And the other day, Luan and Albert, who has been doing work in a house in the area since last week, have taken advantage of the lunch break and entered the Church, astonished by the state of abandonment in which was.

"It was all ruined," says Luan, "full of holes in the walls and rubble in every corner. I told Albert: let's do something, and we went to our suppliers to buy the products we use for the interiors. When the lady who takes care for the Church arrived she was very happy and told us: God bless you nobody had ever done such a thing for the Church".

Both Luan and Albert did nothing to hide from being Muslims.

"However we are children of God", Albert affirms with conviction. "Does not have anything to do with being Catholic, Orthodox or Muslim, we believe only in God and it is he who guides us in what we do". Naturally the custodian of the Church of San Rocco, Liliana Cavalieri, was very impressed by the gesture of the two Albanian masons: "The hand of providence has perhaps acted on these good people that our religious community will never cease to thank," said the woman in gratitude. "Religion exists within each of us," concludes Luan, "We have lived in Italy for over 30 years and have been welcomed as brothers. Here we were given the opportunity to work and to be able to think about our families and our children. And when we can contribute to giving a bit of happiness to this community we do it in the sign and in the name of God, as we were taught by our parents and our grandparents."
Two Muslim Albanians restored for free a ruined Church in Italy Two Muslim Albanians restored for free a ruined Church in Italy Sunday, September 29, 2019 Rating: 5
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