Ecuador-Greece-Albania drug 'line' hit, 137 kg of cocaine seized in Durrës

Ecuador-Greece-Albania drug 'line' hit, 137 kg of cocaine seized in Durrës
Leaders of Albanian Police, Ardi Veliu speaking
 The Albanian Police, in cooperation with the Greek Police and coordinated by the DEA in Athens, have made it possible to hit the cocaine trafficking line from Ecuador (Latin America) towards Greece and destined for Albania.

137kg of cocaine have been seized, while police have arrested two people, Adrian Bega and Altin Myslihaka, and Gentian Malindi has been declared wanted.

"These citizens, in cooperation with each other and other persons in the Port of Durres, using the fact that they had access to enter to the Port made it possible to grasp some quantity of narcotics from the container where it was located and sending it in a safe area for them, was has been spotted and seized by the police during the operation,” Ardi Veliu said, General General of the State Police.

Full Police Notification

As part of the fight to prevent, identify and crack down on narcotics trafficking and successive operations conducted with partners, the State Police has finalized another international operation.

The State Police, in co-operation with the Greek Law Enforcement Authorities in coordination with the DEA Office in Athens, under the direction of the Prosecutor's Office near the Tirana Court of First Instance for Serious Crimes completed successfully  the international operation "KUITO".

The Albanian police organized a controlled delivery following the approval by the Greek Authorities. These procedures were initiated by the Albanian side in August 2019 and ended today on 09.27.2019.

During this period, several operational meetings has been held by the State Police with the Greek Police Authorities and the DEA Office.

These meetings were held in Tirana and Athens for the exchange of information and the smooth running of the operation to crack down on the criminal activity of persons trafficking cocaine narcotics from Ecuador to Greece and then to Albania by sea.

In conducting this operation has been implemented all the special investigative techniques adopted by law no. 8920, dated 07.11.2002, on the Ratification of the United Nations Convention against International Organized Crime and its two additional protocols.

When conducting procedural actions, all the special forms and methods of investigation set out in the Code of Criminal Procedure were applied with full professionalism and success.

At the end of this operation, 137 kg of cocaine has been seized and are arrested:

B., 53, and A. M., 35, both residents of Durres, and citizen G.M. has been declared wanted.

During the investigation so far it turns out that these citizens were the hosts of this narcotic drug in Durrës...The State Police assures citizens that it is fully committed to creating a safer environment and invites anyone to report 112 and the Digital Commissariat any cases of unlawfulness." said among other things Ardi Veliu, Director General of the State Police.
Ecuador-Greece-Albania drug 'line' hit, 137 kg of cocaine seized in Durrës Ecuador-Greece-Albania drug 'line' hit, 137 kg of cocaine seized in Durrës Friday, September 27, 2019 Rating: 5
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