Albanian Apples, the most natural and purest of Europe

Albanian Apples, the most natural and purest of Europe
Apples in the Apple Fair in Korça
 Apples are known for their tremendous nutritional value and ingredients to protect against a variety of symptoms and diseases.

The two areas that are well known for the highest production of the apple in Albania are Korça and Dibra.

The most produced varieties in Albania are the two derivatives of Red Delicious, Red Chief and Starking.

Both are locally referred to as "Starking", accounting for 52% of fruit trees, then the apples of the Golden Delicious variety accounting for 42%.

Most of the antioxidant ingredients are found in apple skin. Therefore it is advisable to consume apples, which have less pesticides and chemicals.

But importantly: due to the climate of areas where the Albanian apples grow in Kosovo and Albania, the pesticide spraying is 10 times lower than the apples grown in other countries in the Balkans and 15 times lower than in Central European countries.

The characteristics of apple cultivars of Albanian soils are driven by the quality and resilience to insects and diseases, but also the composition of soils.

Albanian Apples, the most natural and purest of Europe
Albanian apple varieties
If you are looking for total protection, buy traditional Albanian apples on the market, but leave them for a few minutes in a container of vinegar or baking soda and water as solutions that help eventually remove totally the pesticides and bacteria.

What are the health values ​​of apples?

Protects the brain

Apples protect the central cells of the nervous system from neurotoxins and significantly reduce the risk of mental disorders, such as Alzheimer disease.

Reduces the risk to ischemia 

Studies have shown that apple consumption reduces significantly the risk of strokes.

Against diabetes

By consuming three apples a day, grapes and blueberries, reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 7 percent.

The role that apples have in this case is to regulate blood sugar levels. Apples help the digestive system absorb less glucose.

It also stimulates the pancreatic beta cells to produce natural insulin.

Fights tumors

Apples have wonderful ingredients that can reduce the risks of cancer.

Some studies published by Planta Medica say that apples, especially green ones, are effective in the fight against colon, skin and lung cancers.

It protects the heart

Apples reduce the risk of mortality from heart disease due to high antioxidant ingredients.

Apple juice can be delicious, with vitamins and antioxidants, but the magic lies in the full fruit. Only the fruit offers you a bunch of fiber and nutritional value just as Mother Nature has wanted.

Those who care about weight should consume a full apple before each meal. So they get 15% fewer calories.

Your lungs work best if you consume apples. This is due to the flavonoids found in the fruit which reduce the risk of heart attack.

Did you know?

The apple is actually a 'cousin' of the rose. This delicious fruit along with peaches, cherries, and strawberries are all part of the Rosacea plant family.
Albanian Apples, the most natural and purest of Europe Albanian Apples, the most natural and purest of Europe Friday, September 27, 2019 Rating: 5
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