Albanian woman raped for 10 years in Italy, 5 arrested and 100 suspected of abusing on her

Albanian woman raped for 10 years in Italy, 5 arrested and 100 suspected of abusing on her
 Five people were arrested yesterday morning by Italian police on charges of rape and robbery. The victim is an Albanian woman living in the urban area of ​​Corigliano in Corigliano Rossano in the province of Cosenza in Calabria.

The scandalous case of violence and torture that had been going on for ten years, were investigations launched by Corigliano Rossano Public Safety Commission officers who worked under the coordination of the Republic Prosecution in Castrovillari led by Eugenio Facciolla. The woman had also been forced to work as a prostitute.

The victim had an extramarital affair with one of the detainees, who then raped her along with other males by committing physical violence.

On several occasions, she was forced to take medication at a hospital in Rome and to get justified with her family, who knew nothing. She said that she had an unspecified illness that caused visible marks on her body.

The woman had always been silent because of the fear that something might happen to her husband and son. Her rapists had forced her to remain silent, threatening to kill her relatives who knew nothing for years.

In addition, the detainees had extorted various amounts of money threatening to publish images showing her during sexual acts. However, on August 5, the woman, exhausted after telling the story to her family members, turned to Corigliano Rossano police station agents who began investigations coordinated by public prosecutor Mauron Gallone under the direction of prosecutor Eugenio Facciolla who discovered the shocking story of the women.

Thus came a long period during which the victim was subjected to all forms of violence. During the controls on the suspect's homes, investigators found 480 grams of marijuana, precision scales and a greenhouse for marijuana cultivation, as well as sex tools. Investigations continue to identify other persons who during this long period of time have become jointly responsible for sexual violence against Albanian women. The five detainees, all from Corigliano Rossano, were put to Castrovillari Prison.

The physical and psychological pressures continued even under the threat of death over the woman's 5-year-old son, who in some cases were even forced into prostitution and handed over the sums of money to her torturers.

A quick investigation that lasted seven days from the moment the victim was reported. A denunciation that brought to light a scary scenario. "All started with an extramarital affair - says Cataldo Pignataro, head of the Corigliano Rossano police station - between an Albanian woman and a man who over time has turned into a real nightmare."

"A sentimental relationship turned into 10 years of service and violence - continues Pignataro - with sexual encounters and services to other men: they came and raped the victim even 20 men at the same time. And in the house where the torture took place, were found tools for sadomasochistic practices."

The investigations were coordinated by Castrovillari Chief Prosecutor Eugenio Facciolla and Deputy Prosecutor Mauron Gallone who also led to the discovery, thanks to the woman's history, of a marijuana plantation as well.

The videos and photographic materials found at the house of the detainees confirmed the victim's story. Investigations don't stop because many, at least a hundred men have abused with her: investigators are determined to identify all of them.
Albanian woman raped for 10 years in Italy, 5 arrested and 100 suspected of abusing on her Albanian woman raped for 10 years in Italy, 5 arrested and 100 suspected of abusing on her Thursday, August 15, 2019 Rating: 5
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