Albania tops the list of wanted by Interpol with 117 people

Albania tops the list of wanted by Interpol with 117 people
 Albania has 117 people charged with various crimes that have been declared internationally wanted. According to Interpol official data, our country has the highest number of these persons compared to other European countries.

A significant proportion of these 117 individuals have been found to have been internationally wanted not only on behalf of our country but also in other countries where they are suspected of having committed crimes.

In Interpol's list, Albania tops all other European countries, then comes Bosnia with 99 people declared wanted, Bulgaria with 50 people, Romania with 48 and France with 28 people. Other countries continue to be listed with less.

Three European countries, such as Iceland, Ireland and Luxembourg, resulting in only 1 person being internationally wanted.

Every person listed on the Interpol site has a red notice attached to the photo, which according to the organization, is a worldwide law enforcement request to find and arrest a person temporarily awaiting extradition, surrender or similar legal action.

Another list of persons declared wanted is that of the Albanian state police, with about 690 people, charged with various crimes including thefts and murders.

Recently the Tirana office of Interpol, in collaboration with the German Interpol, arrested Byniamin Hajro. Hajro, 56, was declared wanted internationally after a Vlora Court sentenced him to 25 years in prison. He has been found guilty of abducting and killing two people in 1998.

Due to the difficulty that the police has encountered in identifying and locating the wanted persons, often the police has asked help to the citizens by publishing on social networks the wanted persons. For some of them there are no photos, making thus the identification even more difficult.
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