The Curly Pelican 'invades' Lake Prespa

The Curly Pelican 'invades' Lake Prespa
 Pelecanus crispus
 The the Curly Pelican known also as the Dalmatian pelican (Scientific name: Pelecanus crispus) has become the "god" of Lake Prespa, as thousands of individuals have closed the migrations season, being stationed to this gem of nature.

Domestic and foreign tourists are fascinated by the pelicans, this rare species and one of the most beautiful of nature.

The National Agency for Protected Areas says that in Lake Prespa you can freely see the Curly Pelican. Across Prespa, including Greek and Macedonian parts of Prespa, there are 2400 individuals of the Curly Pelican.

"At the last census in June made by ADZM, Korça, and PPNE there were 432 pelicans in the Albanian Prespa, of which 402 were Curly Pelican and 30 were other kinds of pelicans," AKZM reports.

The wonders of Lake Prespa do not end there.

This glacial lake is surrounded by "vanja" wood, which resists undamaged as timber for over 500 years. And the cherry on the cake of Prespa are the two islands, Maligrad in the Albanian territory and Golemgradi in the Macedonian territory.

Maligrad is famous for its centuries-old church, but Golemgrad, the largest of its kind, has 7 old churches.

On the shore is thought to be the tomb of Philip, the father of Alexander the Great and nearby among the reeds nestled and Pelican Curly.

Nature does not knows any geographical boundaries, people do. An approved tourist guide between the three states would make this glacier lake more popular and visited.
The Curly Pelican 'invades' Lake Prespa The Curly Pelican 'invades' Lake Prespa Wednesday, July 31, 2019 Rating: 5
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