'Goodbye Italy! The Germans have discovered Albania, which is taking the tourists'

 Tourism in one of the most popular areas of Italy - Jesolo - seems to be in trouble. The Italian media - La Nuova - reports that the number of reservations has dropped by 20%. The same trend seems to be holding the beginning of July. The main reason: The Germans have discovered Albania.

The article writes that in the coastal areas is increasingly being felt the competition of foreign countries. Jesolo, known as the 7th most popular destination of Italy, has discovered that a new destination like Albania with its wonderful and untouched beaches has been added among competitors.

The President of Federalberghi Veneto, Marco Michielli, had long alerted tour operators, predicting that the beaches underestimated for years would compete in the market at competitive prices. Today in Jesolo tour operators who talk about a drop in the occupancy rate of appliances by 20 percent less in the rent sector. As for hotels, the demand was 15% less. The figures continue the same also after June.

Although the data is not yet official, the signals are visible and things may be even more serious for the Italians. While tour operators reported that the decline has come mainly from German tourists.

Gianni Dalla Mora, president of the Union of Traders and Consortiums, is the owner of the well-known hotel and restaurant, Arizona. He told to the journalist Giovanni Cagnassi that the German tourists have chosen other beaches, such as Albania, which is full this year. "Then are Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Greece, Croatia. "If our traditional tourists have changed, we should ask ourselves why. Today the tourism in Jesolo is at one of the lowest levels, and this is undeniable. Tourists are very much looking for nature, greenery, walking paths, competitive prices,"he says.

In this season an apartment is rented for 600-700 euros per week and the price is still low. A hotel costs on average 60-70 euros with the morning. The prices in other international tourist destinations have been halved in order to have a more inclusive inclusion, the article writes.

"We are not talking about this low-cost tourism," says Alberto Maschio, president of the Jesolo Hotel Association, "because Jesolo, like the Venice Coast, offers high-level services, cleanliness, security, competence and professionalism."

However the recovery is expected for the second half of July and during August. A full season has at least 100 days but is becoming more and more difficult to guarantee this with having in mind the unstable weather and the international competition that has never been so strong, the article ends.
'Goodbye Italy! The Germans have discovered Albania, which is taking the tourists' 'Goodbye Italy! The Germans have discovered Albania, which is taking the tourists' Monday, July 15, 2019 Rating: 5
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