Fatos Malaj the first MP candidate from Albania for the Greek Parliament

 Fatos Malaj
 "If I am elected, I will be the first Greek MP with an immigrant background," Fatos Malay, the first MP from Albania, said in an interview a few days ago. 

Mr. Fatos Malaj in the July 7 election will be a candidate for the KINAL in 'Athens.

"My vision is to be able to become the immigrant's voice in the House of the Greeks, the bridge between the Greek state and immigrants and migrant women, so that we can cope with the problems of modern society that require joint actions, partnerships and peaceful coexistence." he said, while commenting on his nomination he said, "It would be nice if I will be elected because the immigrants will have their own voice in the House of the Greeks. The integration of migrants is completed with the nomination of a migrant candidate for the Greek parliament."

Fatos Malaj is born in Delvina, Albania, and emigrated in Greece in 1997, like tens of thousands of other Albanians who chose Greece for a better future. From the very beginning, he dealt with the rights of immigrants and especially of Albanian immigrants. He is a certified Intercultural Mediator in Athens and Immigration Directorate of the Decentralized Administration of Attica, with many years of experience in the provision of services in institutional and legal matters concerning immigrants, which makes him an excellent connoisseur of the immigration phenomenon in Greece. From its position as Intercultural Mediator, he has contributed to the integration of migrants and immigrant women into Greek society, conveying Greek values ​​and other elements to foreigners. At the same time, he is a Founding Member and Chairman of the non-governmental organization "AROGI", an organization with a recognized activity in the defense of human rights.

Why with KINAL (PASOK)?

Asked why with KINAL he replied:

"KINAL and PASOK have shown to be responsible parties. They have shown it all these years. PASOK has raised Greece up and citizens have spent the best of times. PASOK came forward, did not go back. The "GREECE" project will provide a solution. I have been in PASOK since 2005, had a substantial immigration policy. It was the party that gave the votes to the organizers. It was the party that gave the right to the second generation immigrants to claim Greek citizenship. These were some of the reasons to be at this party."
Fatos Malaj the first MP candidate from Albania for the Greek Parliament Fatos Malaj the first MP candidate from Albania for the Greek Parliament Friday, July 05, 2019 Rating: 5
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