17 artworks of Leonardo Da Vinci in high definition in Tirana

 The cover of Leonardo Opera Omnia in Tirana
 Arrives in Tirana at National Museum at the Skanderbeg Square in Tirana, the exhibition Leonardo - Opera Omnia, curated by the historian of art Prof. Antonio Paolucci and produced by RAICom. There are 17 artworks of the famous of all the times, Leonardo da Vinci.

The exhibition, which has traveled around the world, is part of an international art and education promotional program supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and collects reproductions, printed on real scale canvas and with a very high resolution of the masterpieces of Leonardo preserved in 11 of the most important museums in the world. Thanks to RAICom efforts and technique, scholars, students, and all Renaissance art lovers, will be able to admire Leonardo's genius paintings at the same location and at a close distance.

The exhibition itinerary presents 17 reproductions of 17 works of Leonardo da Vinci, selected among the most important. Thanks to the use of sophisticated digital techniques and wise use of the lights, the visitor is placed virtually in front of the original work, experiencing the emotional experience that can be experienced by the great masterpieces. Earned with the contribution of many professional photographers and then placed under control and restyling, reproductions match the originals and are of a very high resolution. They are also equipped with a sophisticated backlighting system that, by adjusting the light intensity and color temperature, guarantees optimum performance in different environments.

The curator of the exhibition and guarantor of the absolute scientific discipline of the project is Antonio Paolucci, known as one of the most prominent international art experts. The exhibition on Leonardo's work, along with that created last year on Caravaggio and the activity planned for next year on Raffaello, stems from a reflection on the theme of using masterpieces of great masters: the organization of monographic exhibits, in fact, is technically difficult, as works are scattered around museums, churches and private collections around the world. Using reproductions of the same size as the original lets you enjoy the painting of a great author in a single display space making it accessible to a wider audience.

In all of his works, Leonardo brings a great message to the humanity, provoking us to remain on the surface today but to explore the depths of the world, of man and of life, to grow from the point of view of humanity and be open to the future.
17 artworks of Leonardo Da Vinci in high definition in Tirana 17 artworks of Leonardo Da Vinci in high definition in Tirana Saturday, July 20, 2019 Rating: 5
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