Two Albanians escaped prison in Athens

Today at 7.30am, one of the four prison fugitives was arrested. 

Today at 04:00 am, 2 Albanians and 2 Georgians, temporarily deported to the transfer prison in Athens, have escaped, as a few days ago they were implicated in violent episodes at Koridhalos Prison. They initially called the guards for help when one of them lyed on the floor and performed the role of the sick patient.

Oculus News sources discovered that the ALbanians are Endrit Canaj and Xhelo Hasani.

As soon as the guards entered the cell, they were threatened with improvised knife, the prisoniers took their weapons and mobiles and plugged them in. After that, down the first floor, they threatened also another cop who was in the transfer car, they took the car and headed toward the entrance of the prison where they also threatened the guard with a gun.

It is reported that the fugitives took up arms and cells, which were used in a shootout, without injured. The fugitives abandoned the police car a few meters away from the prison and walked away unkownly. In the mass police operation are used helicopters covering Athens in the early hours of the morning.
Two Albanians escaped prison in Athens Two Albanians escaped prison in Athens Monday, June 03, 2019 Rating: 5
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