The Russian File, Lulzim Basha in Tirana Prosecutor's Office

Lulzim Basha after went out of the Tirana Prosecution
 The leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, was informed today of two charges against him on the issue known as the 'Russian File'. Immediately as soon as he left the premises of the Tirana Prosecutor's Office, Basha emphasized that this call was made in order to divert the attention of the citizens from the government scandals, published by Bild. He stressed that there is no evidence against him on lobbying contracts.

"The only reason I am here is to serve as a distraction for you and the citizens from the scandals that have have exploded from Bild intercepts and the scandals that will erupt tomorrow. The prosecution has no fact, there is no other or additional evidence since May 25th when I was here. Officially they told me that there is nothing new. This is because of the simple reason that this charge was mounted by Edi Rama, Basha said.

Document forgery and money laundering are the two accusations weighing on the Oppisition leader who reiterated that the process was mounted in the prime minister's office.

"I was acquainted with the accusation that it is not an accusation because there is no fact, no evidence, no falsified document, no single Russian, nothing, is a charge formulated to distract the people," Basha said.

"The file will be available today because it is not ready," he added.

Asked why he decided to appear today in the Prosecutor's Office and not a few days ago when the first request was made, Basha said: "They did not followed the law on that day, while today they intended to use me as a distraction but I am confident they will fail. "

Two days ago, Basha considered the Prosecution's request illegal and refused to appear. But the prosecution responded by ordering his detainment.

Yesterday, Arben Ristani, former Democratic Party (DP) Secretary-General, was also charged in this case, appearing before prosecutors. He was also given the same charges as Basha.

The issue of lobbying fees made by the DP has been opened in November of the past two years when the American firm 'Muzin Capitol Partners' supplemented with additional information its statutory declarations for the Department of Justice. According to the company's statements, she had received three payouts of $ 675,000 for its services in favor of the Democratic Party of Albania in 2017.

Based on the statements of this firm, only that of $ 25,000, has been accepted by the DP president, Lulzim Basha, who was paid by the DP. The other two payments remained unclear.
The Russian File, Lulzim Basha in Tirana Prosecutor's Office The Russian File, Lulzim Basha in Tirana Prosecutor's Office Wednesday, June 19, 2019 Rating: 5
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