The Prime Minister Haradinaj meets with Chancellor Merkel: we are for mutual recognition in the existing boundaries

Angela Merkel and Ramush Haradinaj
 Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj said on Thursday that Kosovo is ready for a comprehensive and legally binding agreement on normalizing relations with Serbia, which includes mutual recognition in the existing borders.

He made these comments after the meeting with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, with which discussed the developments in Kosovo with closed doors, the possibilities of renewing talks with Serbia, and preparations for the Paris Summit on July 1 organized by Chancellor Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron.

The Prime Minister Haradinaj wrote on social networks that "regarding the dialogue with Serbia, I emphasized that we are for a comprehensive, legally binding agreement, including mutual recognition, in the existing boundaries. On this occasion, I thank Chancellor Merkel for the consistency of the German state in terms of protecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Kosovo, as well as the decision of Germany to say yes to the removal of visas for the citizens of Kosovo who, although belonging to the most pro-European people are being kept isolated by a long-time. The Chancellor Merkel received confirmation that Germany will continue to support Kosovo on its Euro-Atlantic path and strengthen the international subjectivity," he wrote.

The Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj told the media after meeting with Chancellor Merkel that no tariff removal was required. He said that it is important to continue the dialogue, but according to him the unresolved issue remains the recognition from Serbia.

"There are two possibilities, one possibility is a great decision and we should hope very much after President Trump's involvement and letters, but especially now with the direct and personal involvement of the Chancellor Merkel and President Macron, we should look for opportunities for a great deal. And if this is not achieved then the next opportunity is to have a few months or a few years process," The Prime Minister Haradinaj said, underlining that he does not hope for a quick deal with Serbia.

He said the greatest opportunities are for reaching a framework agreement that will then come to an end through a special representative.

"Maybe we should use this energy for a first agreement framework that will then be negotiated in a process by a top international representative such as Federica Mogherini, but it will be another, and I think Berlin will have a direct presence with a special representative or with a laden in this process," said Prime Minister Haradinaj.

Kosovo and Serbia are participating in a new process of mediation meetings between Germany and France, whose officials are making efforts to renew the talks.

Despite blocking the talks, the representatives of both Kosovo and Serbia countries are continuing to meet at various international conferences.

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci left for Slovakia in Bratislava today to attend the international conference organized by "GlobSec", where along with the Serbian President Alexander Vucic is expected to be part of a discussion panel.

President Thaci said before the departure that he would not have a joint meeting with the Serbian president, but urged him to move forward with unconditional talks.

"I hope we will have a support from other leaders in the possibility of approximating the positions for reaching the final agreement. We will not accept conditionalities from Serbia for the continuation of the dialogue, while this forum will be another opportunity to meet with representatives from the United States of America, with senior US State Department officials but also senators who will be partici pants," said President Thaçi.

Kosovo and Serbia are facing international pressure to resume the negotiating process, a process that has been blocked since November last year after setting the tariffs by the Kosovo Government on the Serbian goods.
The Prime Minister Haradinaj meets with Chancellor Merkel: we are for mutual recognition in the existing boundaries The Prime Minister Haradinaj meets with Chancellor Merkel: we are for mutual recognition in the existing boundaries Thursday, June 06, 2019 Rating: 5
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