Ornella Muti risks jail for 'fraud' as she appeared in a dinner with Vladimir Putin

Ornella Muti and Vladimir Putin
 The Italian actress Ornella Muti risks the prison if she does not pay the indemnity for canceling the dates of a tournament in order to attend a dinner with the Russian President Vladimir Putin and the actor Kevin Costner.

Muti had to perform on a stage in December 2010, but announced he was ill and flew to St. Petersburg to attend a charity dinner.

Now, the Court of Appeals in Italy has ruled her sentence for fraud attempt and left it in force. The actress had said in the past that she could not pay the indemnification.

The Cassation Court upheld her suspended sentence of six months in prison as well as a fine of 500 euros and a $ 30,000 indemnification for the Verde theater in Pordenone, North Eastern Italy.

She had sent a letter to the theater that she was suffering from an acute inflammation, fever and cough. The medical certificate recommended five days off break but she traveled to Russia to attend the gala dinner invited by the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

When the actress's pictures appeared at the same table with Putin, the theater decided to react. Now the Court threatens that if Muti does not pay the indemnity, he will go to jail.
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