Interceptions in Albania: Vangjus Dako ties and socialist officials in Durres with the Avdylaj group

 In Albania some wiretapping part of the investigative file for the group of brothers Avdylaj suspected of drug activity, published by the German newspaper Bild, have once again reintroduced the topic of links among the socialist officials in Durres with elements of crime and the influence of the latter in the 2017 election campaign. The intercepts point out direct ties that Astrit Avdylaj, the leader of the group, held with the mayor of Durres Vangjush Dako, and with the current candidate of the Socialist Party for the Municipality of Shijak, Elton Arbana, as well as Avdyla's commitment to providing votes for the Socialist Party and one of its candidates, the current deputy - Ilir Ndraxhi:

The interceptions, Dako ties and socialist officials in Durres with the Avdylaj group.

After the first wiretap publications, the current mayor of Durres Municipality, Vangjush Dako, had denied his acquaintance with Avdylaj's group leaders, stating that during a campaign he meets many people. On the same line, he has been backed by the Prime Minister Edi Rama, also talking about a casual contacts during electoral activities. But the publication by the German newspaper Bild, of the intercepted speeches by the Albanian Prosecutor's Office, shows that Mr. Dako had far more than an occasional acquaintance with Astrit Avdylaj, and even with a former convicted for murder, Vath Alla. Even Avdylaj turns out to be aware of the meetings Dako had with the prime minister.

Here a piece of the interception:

Astrit Avdylaj: Have you slept last night mo brother, since you have met Edi Rama yesterday, you have stayed and fot satisfied

Vangjush Dako: How are you

Astrit Avdylaj: What's up

Vangjush Dako: Okay, okay

Astrit Avdylaj: By your brother ...

Vangjush Dako: Listen!

Astrit Avdylaj: Yes brother ...

Vangjush Dako: Say to your brother I'm going to Ishëm at those guys out there

Astrit Avdylaj: Not now, a little bit later, that I am here with the guys (Vath Alla).

Vangjush Dako: Where are you?

Astrit Avdylaj: Atthe mortgage with Ani (Ani Dyrmishi, director in Durres), Ani will I come to meet the director or ... ..?

Vangjush Dako: Those Alla are there or ...?

Astrit Avdylaj: Yes, Vath Alla is here with me directly, I'm here live, facing the desk, he is listening to us right now.

Vangjush Dako: Well, well, we meet in Durrës then.

The interceptions reveal that Avdulaj had close contacts with other socialist leaders and other institutions. He communicates freely with Shijak Mayor while coordinating with him a meeting with Mr. Dako and other persons, including Ilir Ndraxhi, a person who will be included in the Durrës candidates list and will be subsequently elected MP.

Astrit Avdylaj: Tomorrow we have a meeting at 10 am ... alo?

Shijak's Mayor: Yes, yes, I am listening..., yes.

Astrit Avdylaj: Me, you, Gjush, Liri, the brother of Liri and Jupi. We'll have a coffee tomorrow in Durrës at 10:00 am. This is because I called you today in a few words.

The Mayor of Shijak: Then, tomorrow at 10:00...

Another tapping shows Avdylaj's direct engagement to collect votes for the Socialist candidate, while speaking with a voter:

Astrit Avdyli: You too. I got you about the vote, you know by yourself...

The voter: You told me one day in the house.

Astrit Avdylaj: To be clear, you do not have to say to anyone, either to Gon Duka. We are for Socialist Party, for Ilir Ndraxhi.

While in conversation with the brother of the Socialist candidate, Avdylaj talks about his engagement for a 10:0 victory in the election, in order to make a surprize to Edi Rama.

In another case, Astrit Avdylaj, calls Ivo Doçi, director of the water and sewerage company in Durres, who asks for a list of employees who might be against socialist candidates, who, according to him, should be made clear to them that they may be removed from work

Astrit Avdylaj: I want all those names you might have.

Director of the Water Supply in Durrës: I have separated by myself, are completely separated.

Astrit Avdylaj: That is what I ask.

Director of Water Supply in Durrës: I did it first, ready for you.

Astrit Avdylaj: When you have time, we have to call them to shake them a little bit.

Director of Water Supply in Durrës: I understand, of course.

Astrit Avdylaj: Either to stay at work, give us the vote, or go home.

Director of Water Supply in Durres: It is not even a question.

Avdylaj clearly appears to have a strong influence on the local socialist leader, as he calls with a commanding tone the Shijak's Socialist leader by asking him to intervene with the director of the Construction Inspectorate in order he delete a fine imposed to a business.

In a Facebook reaction, the Democratic leader Lulzim Basha said that these interceptions "are the radiograph of Edi Rama's mafia and illegal government. The conversations show the power of the organized crime, to influence the appointment of deputies and mayors of the SP; To buy the votes on behalf of Edi Rama according to the target set by him; To order public administration to identify Edi Rama's political opponents, to threaten them about their vote; To receive state favors in violation of the law; To be informed about the political agenda inside and outside the prime minister. "

According to Mr. Basha "the interceptions held by the prosecution controlled by Edi Rama are an irrefutable confirmation that the parliament of the 2017 elections is a product of organized crime, the government of Edi Rama is illegal and that with Edi Rama can not be free and fair elections," writes Mr. Basha.
Interceptions in Albania: Vangjus Dako ties and socialist officials in Durres with the Avdylaj group Interceptions in Albania: Vangjus Dako ties and socialist officials in Durres with the Avdylaj group Wednesday, June 05, 2019 Rating: 5
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