Albanian Socialists seeking officially the dismissal of the President Ilir Meta

Albanian Socialists seeking officially the dismissal of the President Ilir Meta
 Taulant Balla
 A group of 55 Socialist MPs asked today to the Parliament to dismiss the President of the Republic, Ilir Meta, due to his cancellation of local elections.

They stated that this act of the president is in open contradiction with the principles of a Parliamentary Republic, the functions of his post, and the exercise of the sovereignty by the people.

"Mr. Meta has lost the right to stay in that office with our consent. We, the Socialists, do not belong to the political culture of arbitrariness and violation of the law and will strictly follow the procedure foreseen in the case of dismissal to the President "- said the chairman of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party, Taulant Balla.

Socialist MPs added that the President decreed the date of the elections and on the basis of that decree are launched a series of preparations for the electoral process, which he can no longer turn it back. They quoted several articles of the Constitution violated by the President.

"The cancellation of June 30 as the date of the local elections, and the worst yet, not setting another date for the local elections, he basically denies the right of the sovereign to be as such" - the MPs note in their request to the parliament.

They added that with the act of annulling the local elections, the President is practically putting himself in a position of absolute power acting beyond his competences given by the sovereign himself through the Constitution.

"President Meta has attacked the Assembly in an unworthy and unacceptable language. The assembly is not intimidated by anyone, but Mr. Meta has lowered his presidency level below the minimum limit of state ethics, any time he has opened his mouth." Mr. Balla said.

The MPs cite in the request addressed to parliament also the violation of the principle of elections periodicity as well as the extension of the mandates of the elected institutions.

Their request is based on Article 90 of the Constitution, which states that "the President of the Republic may be dismissed for serious violations of the Constitution and for committing a serious crime".

The dismissal proposal must be signed by a quarter of the deputies and should be supported by two-thirds of the Assembly. The Assembly's decision is sent to the Constitutional Court, which, when verifying the violations of the President of the Republic, declares his dismissal off office, the Constitution states.

While at the Article 112 of the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly is stated that the request for the dismissal of the president is discussed in the Legal Affairs Committee and the latter may propose the setting up of an investigative commission, which may also hear the president with its arguments of defense.

Thereafter, the regulation provides for a report by the investigative commission, a plenary session, where the president can again be heard with his defense arguments. Then the request for his dismissal may be put to a vote, where to be approved must gain at least 2/3 of the votes of all the deputies, and the decision is sent to the Constitutional Court, which has the last word for this initiative.
Albanian Socialists seeking officially the dismissal of the President Ilir Meta Albanian Socialists seeking officially the dismissal of the President Ilir Meta Monday, June 17, 2019 Rating: 5
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