Who are the 12 deputies who swore in the Albanian Parliament today

 During today's Parliamentary session other candidates from the lists of the Democratic Party (DP) and Social Movement for Integration (SMI) were added to the Assembly hall.

12 new deputies swore today.

8 are from the DP and SMI lists, while 4 others are replacing the Socialist Party MPs, who will run in the June 30 local elections.

Krenar Rruçi, Kostaq Papa, Halil Valteri, Selami Jenisheri, Besnik Troplini from SMI, while Vasil Strejovski, Edmond Stojku and Suzana Topi from PD.

Four new deputies from the ranks of the Socialist Party, Ardjan Jakuli, Florenc Spaho, Ardit Konomi, were also sworn in as well as sitting in the Parliament for the first time and the head of FRESH Elio Hysko.
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