The car of the Judge Sokol Binaj is set on fire in Tirana

 Last night in the territory of Police Station No. 2 in Tirana was burned a vehicle type "Opel Corsa", was parked on the street.

Oculus News sources discovered that the burnt car turns out to be owned by the wife of the Judge Sokol Binaj. Binaj's wife works in the Serious Crimes Prosecution Office, while the police and investigative group are working to uncover the event.

The event occurred in the early hours of today's morning, at around 02:00 on Grigor Heba Street in Tirana, while the license plate of the car was with:  TR 9837 S".

Police notification:
At midnight on the Grigor Heba Street at the intersection with Gjik Kuqali Street, a fire occured in still unknown circumstances on the vehicle owned by the citizen L.B. As a result the vehicle was partially burned. The investigative team continues to work on determining the cause of the fire.
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