Pope Francis in Skopje honoring Mother Teresa

 Pope Francis arrived in Skopje to spend a day in the footsteps of Mother Teresa, Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, the saint born on August 26, 1910, exactly in the Macedonian capital, Skopje, by the Albanian parents Drane and Kolë Bojaxhiu. The Holy Father Bergoglio completes his 29th apostolic trip of three journeys traveling from Bulgaria to northern Macedonia.

On the day of his 29th apostolic journey in Skopje, the capital of northern Macedonia, Pope Francis, went to Mother Teresa Memorial House and addressed the prayer to the Albanian holy charitable.

Pope Francis's Prayer to Mother Teresa, Skopje, North Macedonia
Pope Francis underlined the "cultural wealth" of the North Macedonia, which - as he said - "is a reflection of your most precious and valuable treasure: the multiethnic and multifaceted makeup of your people, the fruit of a rich history and why not, even complex relationships intertwined over the centuries."

"This mingling of cultures and ethnic and religious affiliations - Pope said - created a place for a peaceful life and a sustainable coexistence where individual identities knew and could be expressed and developed without denying, suppressing or discriminating against others".

"They have thus provided a form to the relationships and situations which, according to this profile, may offer you an example to have the reference point for a peaceful and fraternal coexistence in distinction and mutual respect".
Pope Francis in Skopje honoring Mother Teresa Pope Francis in Skopje honoring Mother Teresa Tuesday, May 07, 2019 Rating: 5
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