Albania, the matches against Iceland and Moldova: the squad of Edy Reja

 Edoardo Reja
 This morning the coach of the Albanian national team, Edoardo Reja, held the press conference in which he presented the squad for the next matches against Iceland and Moldova.

Among the 29 names of the Albanian footballers Cikalleshi and Qose are back.

The press conference

"I have a list of 35 players I'm following, many of those who I have called were also part of the national teams of De Biasi and Panucci. We must have patience, especially for the upcoming matches.

Our goal is known to all, and is to qualify for the European Championship. Except for France which is of another level, we can compete with all the other teams. Players summoned must be aware of all this.

There is enthusiasm in the group, I perceive it, and it is a fundamental thing. If there is a united group you have the chance to compete with any opponent "- said Reja at the beginning of the press conference.

The former Atalanta coach later also spoke of tactics and the module his  team will use:

"The players make up the module. I'd like to try playing with two strikers. I do not mean that we will do offensive football, it is all to be seen. After the match against Iceland we will have clearer ideas.

 The form for the next games? I haven't decided yet but since we have many good players in the middle of the field and on the flanks we could also play with a 3-5-2." - added Reja.

Albania in the group H
After two matches, Albania is in third place with three points - tied with Iceland - in group H. Next week the national team of the new coach Edi Reja will face Iceland first and then Moldova at home.

It will be interesting to see the contribution that the former technician - among others - of Atalanta and Lazio will bring to the Albanian cause. Despite the home defeat against Turkey, in fact, Albania is still all the chances for one of the two places that guarantee the entry to Euro 2020.
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