8 ideal Albanian beaches according to the Italian Tgcom24

8 ideal Albanian beaches according to the Italian tgcom24
 Eight ideal beaches for those who want a mix between sun and culture, just two steps from Italy, writes the Italian newspaper online Tgcom24, part of the Italian media group Mediaset.

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Eight ideal beaches for those who love a mix of sunbathing and culture. Just two steps from Italy

Albania is the emerging destination of the Mediterranean, due to the beauty of its sea and the excellent relationship between the quality of the services offered and the price. A country that offers landscapes of great beauty and a lot of hospitality.

For Italians, among other things, Albania is nearby and can be easily reached by ferry from Bari or Ancona or Trieste with ships that offer all the comforts. Here are some indications for its most beautiful beaches, for the transparency of the water, for the service, for the nature that surrounds them.

Saranda and the desire for nightlife - It is the most glamorous part of the Albanian coast, Saranda is famous for its nightlife. Located between the Ionian and the hills of olive groves in front of the island of Corfu and a few kilometers from Greece, it offers the possibility of staying in luxury hotels at reasonable prices, eating in the Castle of Lëkurësi, exploring the archaeological site of Butrint, a UNESCO heritage site, the remains of the ancient Greek city, a theater dating back to the 3rd century BC and an old Christian Basilica.

The Ksamil Riviera - South of Saranda, here is another gift of the nature, the Ksamil Riviera considered the pearl of the Ionian because of its beauty, overlooking four small islands, two of which can be reached by boat and even by swimming. It is not a place for nightlife, but a perfect choice for those who like to relax looking at the steep cliffs and the seabed.

Caribbean style in Jala beach - It is one of the most beautiful places on the Ionian coast, with white sand and clear waters surrounded by cliffs and dense vegetation with all the scents of the Mediterranean. The colors change constantly and are mixed with the shades of the sea, colder at the dawn and orange at sunset.

The pines of Himara - Walking through the promenade of Himara is truly fascinating, with the scent of pines and the look towards the Ionian. The beaches are sandy and the waters are very clear. Magnificent dive into the crystal clear sea of ​​Potam or Livadhja, Spile or Llamani.

Between nature and history in Porto Palermo - The water looks like blue silk in front of the beach of Porto Palermo and there is a breathtaking view from the castle that was built in 1818 by Ali Pasha Tepelena on the remains of an ancient Venetian fortress. The bay is so beautiful that it often comes alive with movie sets.

Karaburun Peninsula - A jewel of nature, the Karaburun peninsula, which offers extraordinary scenery, together with the Sazan island, is part of the National Marine Park. It is a few kilometers away from Vlora and is surrounded by vegetation, between bays with crystal clear sea, and pirate caves, including the Haxhi Aliu Cave which refers to the name of the corsair who used it as a refuge.

Vlora and surroundings - Vlora is the second largest port in the country. Not far from Tirana and overlooking the Adriatic Sea, it offers well-equipped beaches, very special restaurants and trendy shops. Suitable for those looking for a beautiful beach, but not too isolated from the social context. Diving in the Vlora bay, snorkeling, but above all, heading towards the beautiful Narta Lagoon, 14 kilometers away, with the famous Zvërnec Island which houses the Church of Santa Maria, a 13th century Orthodox monastery hidden in the middle to the cypresses.

Dhermi and the pebble beach - South of Vlorë there is the splendid Dhermi beach, located between the Pass of Llogaraja and Saranda. Five kilometers of polished stones and a dreamlike sea, rich in fish. To leave behind the noise of tourists just take a nice walk on foot, just a moment and you are in front of the blue lagoon with few people and no loud structure.
8 ideal Albanian beaches according to the Italian Tgcom24 8 ideal Albanian beaches according to the Italian Tgcom24 Saturday, May 25, 2019 Rating: 5
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