11 Albanians killed in 17 months in Greek Prisons

11 Albanians killed in 17 months in Greek Prisons
Korydallos Prison entrance

 Seven deaths were recorded in 2018, while in 2019 are recorded five deaths. In general, while until now the Albanian Embassy in Greece has been able to detect and identify 23 such cases:

01/10/2018. A 45-year-old left his last breath on New Year's Day at Korydallos Prison Hospital. The detainee of Albanian origin had cut his veins and was transferred to the prison hospital.

01/25/2018. An Albanian prisoner at Trikala Prison was found dead in the cell. The night before, the 35-year-old health condition was normal when he went to sleep. He was found dead by the guards, while the causes are still a mystery to this day.

01/15/2018. Is found hanged in the Police Station in Kissamos, Crete, the 54-year-old father of the five children waiting for the expulsion after his 6-month residence permit expired. The family rejects this, pointing out that there was no reason for him to hang himself.

02/16/2018. A 54-year-old Albanian, father of five children, whose employment permit had been terminated, was found dead in the detention center. He worked in agriculture and the owner provided shelter and was in the process of legalisation of his permit. He was kept in the Kisamu police district in Chania for expulsion from Greece.

09/08/2018. In the Korydallos Prison, the Albanian named Franc I. 31 year old from Vlora was murdered, and his sister has been reported for this murder after being hidden by the Greek media and institutions.

11/25 / 2018. An Albanian, 35-year-old, was found dead in his cell in Trikalas Prison. The causes are mysterious, after being found dead by prison guards.

12/26/2018. Gëzim Shekaj, 33, from Vlora is hanged in the cell of the psychiatric hospital in Korydallos Prison. A relative said that a substance was injected to the 33-year-old Albanian.

01/14/2019. Arbër Bako, 35, is killed in Korydallos Prison with 17 knifes. His assassination was filmed by security cameras in the corridors of the prison, where is hit constantly by two people by improvised knives, as Bako tried to leave. He was taken to the hospital, but he did not survive.

01/15/2019. An Albanian found hanged in Police Station in Agio Nikolaos in Crete.

01/27/2019. Bardhyl Tusha, also known as Bandiol Tusha from the city of Saranda, is killed in the Korydallos Prison. His lifeless body was in his cell room, in E area of the Prison. The forensic expertise came to the conclusion that the convict was hanged in the cell. Regarding this murder, the Athens Prosecutor's Office begun the investigations.

1/05/2019. An 29-year-old Albanian is killed in Trikalas Prison. He was stabbed in the chest by two inmates of Greek origin, the Greek justice ministry informs.

04/27/2000, Mondi Gjoni 18, was murdered by a police officer, with a bullet in his neck, during a riot in the Athens Prison of Avlona in Athens.

November 25, 2004: A. Grabocka, found dead in the detention premises of foreigners pending for eviction.

10/10/1997. The Policeman Jorgos Spanudhis shot dead an Albanian in detention after trying to escape.

12/16/1997. B. Bregkoki, 30, was killed by the policeman Jorgo Spanidis at Dhiavato Prison in Thessaloniki.

24 March 2005. The 19-year-old Albanin Ismail Saliko is dead at the Athens Children's Prison, where he was transferred to the Kapandriti Health Center. Causes are unknown.

03/30/2006, In cell No. 80 of the fourth building "D" in Korydallos Prison loses his life because of the fire with three other inmates the 38-year-old Albanian, Marian Greca.

04/15/2007. Is found dead in the cell of the police station in Ilio at Agios Fanourios in Athens the 19-year old Leonidha K. Albanian citizen. His family protested in front of the police station in a tense climate denying that he has hung himself.

06/02/2009. Ismet Boshlli was hanged at four o'clock in his cell at Malandrinu in Fokida, where he left a note in which he wrote that he had never been granted a single permit for 9-years in a row,  denouncing the bad conditions of the prison, and asked his family not to worry because it was an act of sacrifice for the benefit of the other inmates.

March 27, 2014. Kudret Kume or Ilia Kareli was killed in the Malandrino Prison, was the victim of inhumane torture by the guards. The court denounced the 12 guardians with a 6-month break from work including the former 53-year old director of the prison -  he died on an January 17, 2017 after losing control of his car and fell down in the abiss from a height of 20 meters on the Antiriou-Itea highway.

April 17, 2014. A clash between two Albanians in the Patras prison in Greece has tragically ended for one of them, the victim is a 24-year-old convicted of 12 years for robbery while the perpetrator is sentenced to life imprisonment for drug trafficking and possession of weapons.

August 3, 2016. The 29-year-old from Lezha, Pëllumb Marnikolaj died at the police station in Ano Patisia, Athens. In his body were found signs of violence by the police, while his death came because of this violence.

09/12/2016, A dead man in the Malandrino Prison cell at Fokida in the "Z" building, a 49-year-old Albanian. He was hanged in the cell window by the prison guards at a time when the other inmate of the cell were out.

The incidents are getting tougher, the service is not able to protect the poor prisoners. The situation is out of control over the past three years, making thus Greece the country with the worst prison system in the European Union.
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