150 new cases of measles in North Macedonia

130 new cases of measles in North Macedonia

 Around 150 new cases of measles were recorded last week in 11 cities in acedonia. Weekly report by the Institute of Public Health shows that 77 of the new cases are registered in the capital, where 70% of them are unvaccinated or with an unknown health status, while the rest of the affected are from ten different cities of the country. More than half of the affected are children aged 0-4 years old. Apart from the citizens, about 100 adults have been affected by the measles, including medical staff from many clinics and hospitals. Early next week, the Committee on Contagious Diseases will decide whether to announce an epidemic throughout the country.

Most of the medical staff affected by measles are from the Children's Clinic but there are cases from other clinics, ie from many places. There are also cases of doctors, and specialists. More than 60% of medical staff are unvaccinated or vaccinated with only one dose, there are cases where their vaccination status is unknown, however a certain portion is vaccinated. The Contagious Disease Committee recommended that all health workers be vaccinated - Vladimir Mikic, Institute of Public Health.

Epidemiologists appeal to parents not to send fever children to the clinic, without the guidance of the family doctor.

130 new cases of measles in North Macedonia
Map of measles cases in Macedonia (red circles indicate the infected area)
They appeal to all parents who do not have any special needs to bring them to the Children's Clinic, especially during the custody period. The fever is not an indication for urgent control at the Clinic. It is necessary to respect the system, initially seek guidance from the nearest doctor until he decides that the child is to be sent to the clinic then the child is sent for control. This is among the diseases that are 100% infectious, just enough to be in the same space where a child with measles has been standing 2 hours ago for the person to be affected by the disease."

So far the epidemic has been announced in the territory of Skopje, Tetovo, Kumanovo, Gevgelija, Priplep, Kicevo and Struga. The total number of persons up to the age of 14 who have been vaccinated since the beginning of the epidemic so far in the entire North Macedonia is 19,461, with over 11,000 in Skopje.
150 new cases of measles in North Macedonia 150 new cases of measles in North Macedonia Friday, April 12, 2019 Rating: 5
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