Lord George Robertson awarded by Albanian President with high decorate of Scanderbeg

Lord George Robertson (left) and Albanian President Ilir Meta

 During his visit to Great Britain, the President of the Republic of Albania Mr. Ilir Meta praised Lord George Robertson with the "Gjergj Kastrioti Skënderbeu" High Prize, with the motivation: "In deep gratitude for the valuable engagement in strengthening the relations between the Republic of Albania and the United Kingdom, as well as for the outstanding contribution to Albania's integration into the Transatlantic Alliance."

In a special audience, attended by British personalities, President Meta, described George Robertson as one of the most prominent personalities of international politics of the time, but also as one of the best friends of Albania and the region.

In his speech, Meta stressed that Lord Robertson's name is engraved on the memory of all Albanians, for the historic contribution of Britain's Defense Minister and NATO Secretary-General to end the genocide of Milosevic in Kosovo, as well as strengthening peace and security in the Balkans.

Also, President Meta expressed once again on behalf od the Albanians deep gratitude to Lord Robertson for the determined support for NATO enlargement in our region and for Albania's integration into this Alliance.

Lord Robertson, after expressing to President Meta the gratitude for this high rating, underlined that he was very proud that he had been fortunate to contribute to the establishment of peace in the Western Balkans region and reiterated the conviction that for the liberation of Kosovo, the Alliance made not just the right thing, but the only thing to do in that period.

Lord Robertson also expressed satisfaction for the progress of Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia and the whole region towards Euro-Atlantic integration confirming the right historical decisions taken two decades ago.

Here speech of the President of the Republic of Albania, Ilir Meta, on the occasion of Lord Robertson's decoration, with the "Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg" Decoration:

 Dear Lord Robertson and family members and friends!

Dear guests!

We have gathered here to honor a very special friend, Lord George Robertson.

As 19 years have passed since February 19, 2000, I am delighted to be here, in this case, an event that gives me the opportunity to meet again with one of the most prominent protagonists of the international politics of his time.

Lord Robertson's name is engraved in the common memory of all Albanians for the role it played during a challenging period for our nation, and indeed it was that period of this beginning-century for the entire Balkans in general.

In his capacity as Secretary General of NATO, the Honorable Lord has played a decisive role, especially in Kosovo, helping to end the genocide and ethnic cleansing led by Milosevic.

His determination to end the conflict in Kosovo enabled the North Atlantic Alliance not to retreat to the restoration of peace throughout the Balkans.

As such, Lord Robertson has made tremendous efforts for sustainability and security in a region that has often been for a long time troubled and suffered from conflicts and tensions.

I would like to highlight his key role in restoring peace in Macedonia at that time, which ended with the Ohrid Agreement in 2001, one of his achievements.

I had the honor and the privilege of working with Robertson, in the capacity of Prime Minister of Albania and later as Foreign Minister, thus laying the foundations for Albania's progress towards NATO membership and throughout its European integration process.

Almost two decades later, Albania has made significant progress and for more than ten years it is a member of NATO.

At the same time, Lord Robertson's continious commitment to a comprehensive and cooperative region that constantly strives to advance towards the European Union has been a major support to Albania.

Moreover, his commitment to our country has helped to further strengthen the relationship between Albania and the United Kingdom.

So, I am using this opportunity to once again express our deep gratitude to you, Lord George Robertson, for your endless support for the region and for all Albanians in general, in their efforts for freedom, towards membership in NATO and in the European Union.

Interestingly, the coincidence that our National Hero, Gjergj Kastrioti, was also called "Gjergj / George" and also served as a shield of Europe against the Ottoman Empire, as did Lord George Robertson 20 years ago, defending the Albanians from injustice, genocide and ethnic cleansing.

Dear Lord Robertson,

Due to your NATO expansion policy, two decades later, our region is safer and part of NATO today.

We continue to rely on your wisdom and support, considering you as a very valuable friend.

Thank you all!
Lord George Robertson awarded by Albanian President with high decorate of Scanderbeg Lord George Robertson awarded by Albanian President with high decorate of Scanderbeg Sunday, March 10, 2019 Rating: 5
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