Graham Phillips, the UK journalist campaigning against Kosovo

Graham Phillips
 Graham Phillips

 He moves freely through Pristina and while doing so, Graham Phillips gives himself the freedom to consider the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) a terrorist organization.

All these insults come from the British who says he is ashamed of why his country helped the KLA and the independence of Kosovo.

Phillips has produced at least 10 materials against the Kosovo and are being cast on YouTube.

Everything is done in front of the KLA monuments and symbols and other places that identify Kosovo's war, freedom and independence.

One such video is performed on the Bill Clinton Boulevard.

Here Phillips asks the citizens of why they like Bill Clinton, whom he considers a criminal, who according to him has killed thousands of innocent Serbs.

For Klan Kosovo he showed of why he is fighting Kosovo.

Among other things, he said that he came to Kosovo in order to show to the world the truth of this country.

But there seems to be another reason why he does so.

Phillips most likely works for Russian services.

He has a profile in the social network VK used mainly in this country, who shows sympathy for Russia but also for Serbia.

In fact, in 2014 he did a lot of work against Ukrainian forces.

He had shot with drone the positions of the Ukrainian forces and sent these videos to the pro-Russians. For this reason, the official Kiev expelled him from Ukraine with the justification of endangering the Ukrainian national security.

However Phillips did not stoped as he entering the Ukraine several more times.

In 2016, the country's ambassador to Britain complained about the self-proclaimed journalist's activity, which he accused him of working for pro-Russian forces.

Graham Phillips, the UK journalist campaigning against Kosovo

Unlike Ukraine, for because of these dids he was decorated with a medal by a branch of the Russian security service KSB.

The security structures in Kosovo are aware of what Philips does.

However, the police did not commented.
Graham Phillips, the UK journalist campaigning against Kosovo Graham Phillips, the UK journalist campaigning against Kosovo  Saturday, March 09, 2019 Rating: 5
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