Agriculture investment: 200 tons of refrigerator space in Fier

  A new refrigerator collection point in the village of Strum, Fier, which helps the farmers in Fier and Berat, thanks to a lek 18 million fund, benefited by the Agricultural and Rural Development Agency, has expanded its collection activity of the agricultural products. Prime Minister Rama, accompanied by the President of the Assembly and the MP of this region, Gramoz Ruçi,  and the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Bledi Çuçi, looked closely at this newly renovated venture of 200 tons of capacity.

"In this the new environment are invested lek 18 million by AZHBR, which serves to collect fruit and vegetables, which go for export," said Frida Krifca, director of AZHBR.

The entrepreneurs, Florian and Kemal, said that this investment will make them even more competitive in the markets they export.

"We have 200 tons of refrigerator space divided into two rooms and of course this will provide us with fresh products for competition in the markets we operate. We export in Romania, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia. We collect, pack and store to keep it fresh in the fridge. From here, the product goes fresh in the destination," said one of the entrepreneurs.

The prime minister praised this as a profitable investment for the area, where 400 farmers are registered, with whom, as stated, the entrepreneurs work regularly and have a 3 year contract. The prime minister emphasized that the growth rates of this area, thanks to the facilitating incentives for the farmer, are high.

"It's a good step forward. The good has no end, but this area here is tremendous in terms of growth rates," said Prime Minister Rama.
Agriculture investment: 200 tons of refrigerator space in Fier Agriculture investment: 200 tons of refrigerator space in Fier Sunday, March 10, 2019 Rating: 5
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