Turkish Parliamentary Speaker may be of Albanian descent: Mustafa Şentop

Mustafa Şentop
Mustafa Şentop

 Mustafa Şentop, is elected as a candidate of the ruling party in Turkey, Justice and Development (AK Party), for the post of Parliament Speaker, after the current Speaker, Binali Yildirim, resigned in order to gain the right to run as a candidate for the mayor of Istanbul in local elections to be held on March 31.

Şentop, who is currently the AK Party deputy for Istanbul, is born on 6 August 1968 in the western Turkish city of Tekirdag, he is from to an Albanian family, this is what almost all the Albanians news portals are publishing at the moment.

He is expected to run for Parliament Speaker of Turkey on Sunday, while in the first two rounds are needed 401 votes out of a total of 600. If the election goes to the third round, a simple majority or 301 votes is needed.
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