Gruevski: How I passed through Albania and went to Hungary

Nikola Gruevski
Nikola Gruevski

 The former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, who is in Budapest, in his first interview to TV SITEL as an a fugitive, uncovered his way of moving, repeating the already known details to the public.

"I left Macedonia very simply: I went to Albania, I was introduced to the Hungarian Embassy in Tirana where I sought political asylum and from there I went to Hungary, based on the the way they decided after consultation, because for a long time I was prime minister and for reasons security, to be transported from them to Hungary," said the former prime minister of the Northern Macedonia.

In this interview he says has used his identity card, but not revealing whether he has used it when leaving Macedonia, or is helped during the escape.

"That's why I can not give you an answer. I will leave it to the authorities to work in this direction because they warn that they will discover everything. Once I arrived in Albania, my move was with an ID card," added Gruevski.

For opinion in Macedonia, it is no surprise that TV SITEL is the first media to carry out an interview with the former fugitive Prime Minister.

The intercepted talks revealed that this media was fully in service to Gruevski, where the Special Public Prosecution Office has already charged accusations to editors and editor-in-chief of tax evasion.

In Macedonia's opinion is also mentioned the interviews of the former PM Gruevski, precisely in this media on February 26, 2017, during the crisis of forming a parliamentary majority when he invited the people to go out on the street; and as this is widely known, precipitated with the violent events of April 27.
Gruevski: How I passed through Albania and went to Hungary Gruevski: How I passed through Albania and went to Hungary Sunday, February 03, 2019 Rating: 5
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