Edi Rama: Sali Berisha is regretted because he didn't killed me when he was in power

Edi Rama: Sali Berisha is regretted because he didn't killed me when he was in power
Edi Rama

 The political situation in Albania has attracted the attention of international media. After RaiNews, the Prime Minister Edi Rama is interviewed by the Italian newspaper, La Repubblica about his country's situation, and especially about of how the Parliament will function after the opposition formalized the abandonation of the parlamentiary mandates. For Rama, the action taken by the opposition is certainly not a good thing but technically, he says can move forward, there is no problem.

The Prime Minister Rama has also responded to the interest of the foreign media on the statements of the former Prime Minister Berisha, who stated that the only way to eliminate Edi Rama, is the bullet. Rama said that to him, Berisha has said much more than that.

"He regretted that he did not kill me when he was in the government," Rama goes on

Part of the Prime Minister's interview to the Italian La Repubblica

Edi Rama, prime minister of Albania since 2013, do you feel surrounded?

No. This is not a protest of the people. They are neither yellow jelly nor trade unionists or students. They are neither anarchists! It's just a part of the politics that has come down in the square, for a little bit of power and because of a little fear.

Afraid of what?

Afraid of being utterly exterminated. It is an old right wing that was sent home 5 years and a half ago by the votes of the Albanians. They are already afraid of the reform that we are doing with the European Union to fight corruption, the real cancer of this country. Prosecutors, judges and other corrupt officials will flee all! This is what they fear.

 In the square people ask for your resignation. Tens of thousands of people. You say you do not even think about resigning. Are you sure you are going to move forward?

Imagine if it happened in Italy, this is happening to us, the opposition MPs gave up their mandates and leave the parliament. Then they ask the government of the people to leave. This is not a democracy, it is the tyranny of the minority. We have received a duty from the people and will respect it.

Excuse me, but is an abnormal situation, especially for a socialist and progressive prime minister, a parliament without opposition?

For the parliamentary democracy is certainly not good, but technically we can move forward, there is no problem.

Who and what is behind the protests and attacks against you. Down in the square were to many unemployed, poor people.

All the municipalities administered by the right, on Thursday, were closed. The opposition leaders brought them in the protest to take poses below the parliament. There are 3-4 thousand people who depend on the right wing. They are payed to protest. But I am from those who have always been respectful of the protests, I hear them all.

For many, this chaos looks like a struggle for power. Is this so?

100%, yes.

Is it true that the square is maneuvered by your historic enemy, Berisha?

My historical enemies are ignorance and vulgarity. Two things I can not stand. Berisha is always there, he is the chief and Basha is the delegated administrator.

The former president used very serious words against you. He said people could throw you into the river and that the only way to get rid of you is the bullet.

He said worse than that. He repented that he did not kill me when he was in government. This is what he is made, and I do not answer to him. Someone said me that worse that the communists are the anti-communist communists. Berisha was the first servant of communist power and then became an anticommunist. Fortunately, we are no longer in the era of bullets but in the era of dialogue and confrontation. I reject the logic that the enemy should be eliminated in order to win the game.
Edi Rama: Sali Berisha is regretted because he didn't killed me when he was in power Edi Rama: Sali Berisha is regretted because he didn't killed me when he was in power Saturday, February 23, 2019 Rating: 5
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