4 people arrested while trafficking over 100 kg of marijuana

 Oculus News sources suggest the arrested individuals are Nardi Malaj, Dod Dodani, Josep Ndoci and Aurel Tanushi. According to the Police, the arrested persons are residents in Velipoja, while only Dod Dodani is from Vau i Dejës.

Police notification
 Albanian officer in action while arresting a drug trafficker

Based on the material referred to the Shkodra Prosecutor's Office of the Narcotics and Trafficking Investigation Section at the Police Directorate of Shkodra, criminal proceedings were initiated based on Article 283/2 of the Criminal Code.

The Section's stakeholders collected data on the activity of a criminal group related to the organising, financing, transportation and drug trafficking.

The investigations and co-operation have been excellent between the Shkodra Prosecutor's Office, the Special Operations Force in the General Directorate of Police and Shkodra Police for referring to the criminal offence of "sale and narcotics production" committed in collaboration.

Four people were arrested in the operetion codnamed "Opened":

N.M., Resident at Rrjoll, Velipoja;

D.D., resident in Laç, Vau i Dejës;

J.N., resident at Gomsiqe, Velipoja;

A.T., resident in Gomsiqe, Velipojë.

All four of these citizens were arrested on the national road Lezha-Shkodra on February 26, 2019.

During controls at the back of their "Audi" car parked at a non-functional gas station, 100 kilograms of suspected marijuana were found in 7 plastic black bags.

Also in the car are found two samples of marijuana, about 67 grams.

The procedural materials were passed to the Shkodra Prosecution Office.

4 people arrested while trafficking over 100 kg of marijuana 4 people arrested while trafficking over 100 kg of marijuana Wednesday, February 27, 2019 Rating: 5
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