Thaci: Kosovo believes in the purity of the KLA War and in Justice

Thaci: Kosovo believes in the purity of the KLA War and in Justice
Hashim Thaçi

 President Thaçi estimated the inverview to Hague of the generals of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), Sami Lushtaku, Rrustem Mustafa and other comrades, shows once again the generosity and the just war of the people of Kosovo and the KLA.

"As your comrader and president of the country, I have full confidence in the sublime values ​​we have fought for. We jointly won many battles, freedom and independence of Kosovo. Along with the pride we will also win the next challenges. Your example to respond to the invitation of the Specialized Chambers of Hague is a testament to the fact that the Kosovo freedom fighters cannot be shaken by any stigmatizing claims," Thaci wrote in his Facebook profile.

He added that he calls once again to all the other invitees for the interview in Hague to respond positively to the call from the Specialized Chambers.

"At the time of existential threat, you, with your courage and knowledge, made the impossible, possible, your dream a reality. You are the national heroes of the war, so you will always remain as such for the institutions and people of Kosovo," Thaci wrote further.

The head of state of Kosovo said also he is aware that many injustices have not received the answer either from local or international justice; such as the murder of the 13,500 Albanian civilians by the Serbian state, the execution of 400 massacres, the rape of 20,000 Albanian women, thousands of Albanians still missing, the ethnic cleansing of over one million Albanians, but stressed the belief that the crimes do not vanish and that the perpetrators will face justice one day.

The former KLA commander, Rrustem Mustafa, will be interviewed on January 14 by Special Prosecution in The Hague, while Sami Lushtaku on January 16.
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