Made in Kosovo products exported in Europe and World

  Some of the products produced in Kosovo have managed to penetrate European and world countries, albeit with difficulties. The Kosovo products also encounter difficulties in the local market as well, and the crossing the borders has been challenging for a number of business, Kosovo traders say. According to them the competition with the products of the developed countries is not an easy process.

The difficult financial conditions, the prejudice in the quality of these articles, as well as the non-liberalization of visas for the citizens of Kosovo to move freely to European Union countries, are some of the reasons that the imports continue to dominate significantly compared to exports.

"Frutex" from Suhareka, is one of the companies that since a decade has managed to export its products to the majority of the countries of the region, but also to Austria, Italy, Africa and the United States.

The owner of this company, Shaqir Palushi, says to Radio Free Europe that has faced numerous challenges to secure the international markets, though the quality and the marketing according to him are the main factors that have secured the external market.

He says that his company exports over 5 million euro products withing a year, and is expected that this value will increase in 2019.

"The border crossing for products produced in Kosovo is a problem, as these products do not have a sustainable image in European countries. But fortunately, our company based on marketing and quality has reached to cross the borders of Kosovo and 'Frutex' products are found in almost all countries in the region, in some European countries and beyond," said Palushi.

The Footwear Company "Solid" has also been able to penetrate different markets of Europe and the World. The executive director Shpejtim Kuqi, says the products of this company are already available in the markets of France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, but also in Africa.

According to him, this market has been achieved by meeting the quality standards required by European Union countries.

Even the company “S//SPRINT” that deals with the production of sportswear located in Podujevo, managed to export its products to some of the Balkan countries, but also to Europe, respectively to Switzerland, Germany and France.

Sami Sopa, the owner of this company, told to Radio Free Europe that at first was difficult to penetrate the foreign markets, then the deals have been added.

"The problem was only until we managed to send the products to these countries. Then the quality of the products "said its word", we no longer have problems. We are already in contact with Sweden and we are already awaiting the conclusion of the final contract," says Sopa.

While the manufacturing industry has not been able to recover for two decades. after the Kosovo War.

Problems faced by Kosovar producers, which are constantly underlined, are the high value of added taxes, the illegal economy, difficulties in financing the businesses, high interest rates, electricity instability, but also the high level of products imported, which in the Kosovo market have come up with almost the same price as domestic products.

Because of the weak manufacturing industry in Kosovo, the export of "Made in Kosova" products to different countries of Europe and the world amounts to over 300 million euros per year, while the import of foreign products in the country amounts to about 3 billion euro per year.

A noticeable improvement in the manufacturing industry is noticed after the imposition of a 100 percent customs tariff by the Kosovo Government for products originating from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to business community representatives, tariff setting has increased the demand for "Made in Kosova" products. According to them, the manufacturing companies have increased production capacities and the number of workers.
Made in Kosovo products exported in Europe and World Made in Kosovo products exported in Europe and World Tuesday, January 01, 2019 Rating: 5
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