Korça Airport, a € 25 million project

Korça Airport, a € 25 million project
Korça Airport Illustration

 A new Airport is intended to be built in Lumas area, Korça. 

Lumas Airport construction project is worth of 25 million euros of investment, and is expected to give back the airport to Korça after 94 years. With the financing of the Albanian Development Fund and following the request of the Korça Municipal Council, the feasibility study for this strategic project has already been completed for the entire Korça region.

In the framework of consultations conducted between central and local government, this major project is foreseen to be realized step by step, without prior need for major investments.

Korça Airport, a € 25 million project
Korça region, google maps screenshot
Initially this airport will work for the landing of a number of small tourist aircraft, overall aviation, and then is aimed at putting it in efficiency as a low cost international airport.

The actors involved in the construction of this project aim at initially through its introduction in the function of the landing of small tourist aircraft or general aviation, to provide incomes that will then be directly invested in the expansion of this project.

The construction of the Lumalas Airport in Korça is a project with a significant impact on the development of the tourism in this region. After 94 years, Korça will again have a functional airport.

From 1924 to 1944, Korça had its own operational airport, which was  used mainly for domestic air transport and which provided links to Tirana, Peshkopi, Shkodra, etc.
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