Ina Nuka: Police is my dream, I'll never give up

Ina Nuka at Rinas Airport

 Ina Nuka, the policewoman who was injured by a fireworks during the November 22 protest in front of the Albanian Parliament, returned to Tirana on Friday. She arrived at Rinas Airport at around 21:30 after a specializing medical treatment in Ankara, Turkey, and intervention that made it possible to retrieve her severed finger. 

"Police is my dream, I will never retreat, what happened to me has made me stronger, more motivated. I feel humble in front of all Albanians, who were part with their messages," Nuka said after arriving in Rinas. 

The officer was received by the Deputy Interior Minister Romina Kuko, General Director of State Police, Ardi Veliu; Director of the Department of Security, Gjovalin Loka; deputy director for the DVP Order in Tirana, Dhimitraq Ziu, other senior police officers and colleagues, friends and relatives. 

Ina Nuka said that there is no personal grudge with anyone, and anyone who violates the law, then the law must act. 

"Gratitude and thanks to all Albanians that with their messages solidarized and supported me, I feel humble before them. I thank the Prime Minister of the country, who made possible my sending to Turkey for highly specialized surgical interventions, the Interior Minister and the General Director of State Police, for the encouragement and support that gave me, colleagues and anyone who became part of my pain. Special thanks to the hospital doctors in Ankara, who carried out three operations to recover the great damage in my fingers, as well as the Turkish Government and the Albanian ambassador to Turkey. I will never give up the Police because I'm deprived of many other things to realize my dream, to be part of the State Police," Ina Nuka said, among other things.
Ina Nuka: Police is my dream, I'll never give up Ina Nuka: Police is my dream, I'll never give up Sunday, December 23, 2018 Rating: 5
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