German CDU deputy Andreas Lammel in support of Albanian Democratic Party

Andreas Lammel speaking at Political Acadey in Tirana
Andreas Lammel speaking in Political Acadey 2018 in Tirana

 At the Political Academy 2018 in Tirana today with the participation of 120 students from all over Albania, the member of Bundestag Andreas Lammel considered the Democratic Party of Albania as an alternative that Albania needed for its progress.

The Democratic Party's youth is encouraged by top German politicians to voice and take their fate in their hands to change Albania.

"The government is elected to develop the country, to lead it forward and to serve the citizens, but the current government has not understood this. If you want to get the fate in your hand, you must work in order for you to govern, because good times have come for the opposition. Unfortunately, the DP is still in opposition, but next year this may change with local elections," German CDU deputy Andreas Lammel told to the Democratic Party Youth (FRPD) at the Political Academy 2018.

Christian Kremmer, representative of the European People's Party (EPP), was very concrete when listing the real problems the youth is facing in Albania.

"We know the situation is bad and even worse for the young people. 1/3 cannot find a job in Albania, many others leave the country. Dear friends, is being played with your future! Do not let this place be treated as private property of some minorities," said the Deputy Secretary General of the EPP.

Christian Kremmer, noted Albania's urgent need for self-discipline in politics, for a new political option, for the real division of powers and for a functional justice.

"Let me be clear: Without the separation of powers and independent justice there is no freedom and functional democracy. Corruption and the links between organized crime and politics are stealing the citizens. Corruption hampers the investments and job creations. Therefore, in the case of Albania, it is logical for the veting to be done not only in Justice but also on the responsible persons in Politics," said Christian Kremmer of EPP.

The Political Academy 2018 was organized by the FRPD with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Albanian Democratic Party.

The main issues addressed at the Political Academy 2018 had to do with the economy, the elections, the media, diplomacy, and the importance of a new, non-corrupt and non-incriminated political elite.

The participating students were awarded with certificates by the director of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation for Albania, Walter Glos and FRPD Chairman Belind Këlliçi.
German CDU deputy Andreas Lammel in support of Albanian Democratic Party German CDU deputy Andreas Lammel in support of Albanian Democratic Party Sunday, December 23, 2018 Rating: 5
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